Premarital relationship

Q: I'm 24 years old and I'm head over heels in love with a guy from my school. He loves me more than I do. We both wanted to get married to each other so the guy sent me the proposal in a halal manner through his parents but my parents rejected the proposal saying that the boy is not settelled and also the boy belongs to some other caste. The boy is very hard working and also has his own properties to survive (Alhmdullilah).

I'm a sunni muslim whereas he is a mehdavi. Inspite of caste difference, he is exactly the same as I am. He is Hafiz ul Quran and a practising muslim with no biddah and shirk practices at all. We stay in the same place so our cultural practices are also exactly the same. I dont find any differences at all.

On the other hand my family dont even pray salah everyday. I would love to marry a guy close to islam coz even i'm a practising muslimah.. 8 years of convincing my parents, now they made my life worst than ever..

I have no fone no meeting frnds and relatives

They stopped me from praying salah and Quran just because they are afraid that i may make dua for the guy(#lame)

I alwayz have to protest to pray and to read Quran

My mom nd sister have thrashed me soo hard that i started to bleed one day my mom wanted to burn me alive and burn herslf. Ahe dont care if I died haram. I gave a lot of thought after all these tragedys to leave him and my family also tried looking for proposals. 45 proposals came already but none are settling. My family is looking for a rich guy with a huge salary so that they can answer people with proud that they have good son-in-law but my love for him is never ending. I cant express the pain I go through every day and he is always there to support me... He is my strength to survive. I simply wanna go and get married to him nd have a peaceful life.. I am sure that he will take care of me like no other.

I love my parents alot even after all this, they keep abusing me, beating me, cursing me for their sake i had sabar all this while i kept making dua in my favor.. but life is goin too harsh day by day... i dont think its right to keep him in mind and get married to some one else.. i may not be able to give that person the rights and love he deserve. I am soo confused what to do. My parents nd family are making it soo difficult for me to take up a decision... except my famly, all my relatives including my aunt's, my grandmother and my grandfather want me to get married to him but they dont have guts to speak up to my parents.. They gave it a try but my parents didnt move even an inch!

A: If your parents are not interested then don't put your mind into this.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)