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Using a tasbeeh

Q: Its mentioned in the hadith to use fingers while doing tasbeeh. So if someone were to use beads instead of fingers just because he likes it more than doing on fingers, is it the same as hating what Allah has revealed? Is it an act of kufr?

See the intrpretation of the meaning of the verses.

- 47:8 But those who disbelieve - for them is misery, and He will waste their deeds.

- 47:9 That is because they disliked what Allah revealed, so He rendered worthless their deeds.

The reason why i quoted it is that Prophet Muhammad (sallalalahu alaihi wasallam) said according to hadith that when we do tasbeeh then do it on the fingers. Now if I prefer to do tasbeeh on beads because its interesting than fingers (i feel like this) am I disliking what Allah has revealed (to obey prophet)?


Conducting nikaah and waleemah on the same day

Q: Can a nikah and walima be done on the same day, e.g. nikah at Zohar time and walima at night.

Performing full salaah when returning home

Q: I will be travelling soon to a university to study and I will stay there for about 2 months. I will come back after 2 months to my home and stay for about a week and go back. So my question is during my 7 days at my house do I pray full or pray qasr?

Fasting for breaking an oath

Q: Years ago, I broke an oath (I vowed to give up a sin then later committed it again) and then came to find out expiation is due upon me. When I found out expiation was due, I looked at the options I had. First, feeding 10 poor people. At the time I intended to offer expiation, I had a debt to pay off, so I could not afford to pay to feed ten poor people. My next option, clothing 10 poor people, is where I fell into doubt. I own more than 10 abayas -roughly 15 - and most of them are brand new and very sentimental to me as they were recently gifted to me by my parents. I also own roughly 11 scarves, and my mother owns many more and I know if I were to ask her for more she'd happily give me some of her's. I have relatives in Pakistan who I know could distribute my clothes. However, I didn't consider this option because most of the clothes I own, I wouldn't really consider them my own since my parents gifted them to me using their money. If they were to look in my closet and see them gone, they'd be flabbergasted as they recently spent a good deal of money buying me these new clothes. Also, if I were to use 10 of them for expiation, nearly 2/3s of the clothes I wear on a week to week basis would be gone. As such, I went on to fast 3 days of oath expiation. Was what I did correct?


Carrying a bag during tawaaf

Q: Can we wear bags (in which we keep our cards, documents and passport) during tawaaf in hajj or umrah?

Killing a murtad

Q: Why does Islam give permission to kill a Muslim after becoming a kafir?


Allowing one's wife to visit her parents who have bad habits

Q: Somewhere I read that a husband should allow his wife to visit her parents home weekly, but what if her parents teach her things which affects me and my family (husband's family) like they teach her not to do work in the husband's home etc. To avoid such problems, I don't want her to go to her mother's home.

My mother in law and father in law usually fight with each other, sometimes they also hit each other and exchange very bad words and scold that's why I usually tell her that I will also accompany her whenever she goes to her mother's house and tell her that I won't leave you there alone. By this she sometimes feels bad and behaves differently. I told my mother and father in law as you people fight I'm afraid to leave my wife in your home, and suggested to them to read fazail e Amal daily for their improvement. Please advise me what to do.


Fantasizing about a man

Q: If a unmarried girl imagines having intercource with her future husband, is she sinful? She is not engaged yet. She doesn't imagine any face of a man and doesn't imagine any private part of a man. She just think that she will wear a western dress and present herself to her husband. And she imagine her husband will play with her private parts. She does not touch her private parts during imagination. She just fell on the bed and started imagining that she is with her future husband. Does this count as masturbation? She does this practice once a day. She reaches her climax point during the imagination. Is she doing a haraam? Her parents are trying to get her married but not success yet.


Should one go to the Eid gaah or Musjid for Eid salaah

Q: If there is an Eid Gah in one's town, is it better to go to the Eid Gah for eid salaah or should one go to the Musjid which is on his way? Some masaajid had put up adverts for certain speakers in those masaajid to attract masses to the musjid.

When is midnight?


1. Is midnight calculated as the half-way point between sunset and sunrise, or sunset and subh saadiq?

2. Is there some valid difference of opinion in the Hanafi Madhab on the above?

3. Is there more Thawaab if Witr is performed after midnight?

4. Is there more Thawaab if Tahaujjud is performed after midnight?