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Paying the employee for extra work

Q: Someone pays a driver a monthly salary for a fixed pick-and-drop route. One day he requests the driver to take a detour and make an additional stop (without discussing extra payment). The driver agrees and does so, and does not ask for extra money.

Does the employer owe the driver money for the 'extra' work?

Eating in a non-Muslim restaurant

Q: When we eat in a Muslim restaurant, we are sure that non-veg food that is serves is halal, but in the case of a non-Muslim restaurant, non-veg is bought from non-veg shops. Is it halal? Can we eat non-veg from a non-Muslim restaurant?


Belief regarding the Ambiyaa

Q: There's a website that says that these people (Arpachshad, Aram, Shem, Japheth) are Prophets in Islam. Is it true?

Also, if we read about some Prophets mentioned in the other 3 Books, what should be our stance towards the belief?


Performing salaah while wearing a bag

Q: Is it permissible to offer prayer while wearing a bag?

Performing sajdah sahw after making a mistake in salaah

Q: I offered Isha prayer, but recited tashahhud between the two sujud in my second rakat. I decided to do sajdah sahw, but I forgot and completed my prayer. I was still facing the qiblah, but I removed my eye glasses, wiped my face and muttered to myself. Then I remembered to do sajdah sahw, and did it. Should I have done sajdah sahw? Will I have to repeat my prayer? 

Spiritual exercises

Q: I wanted to know that when there is spirituality and Allah's qurb in all religions of the world including Islam then does that mean that all religions are true and all from Allah? I got to know that Mysticism and Spirituality are found in almost all major religions of the world, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taosim, Buddhism, etc. Does that mean that all religions ultimately lead to God? Allah says in the Quran "If you are thankful I will increase in you". Today non Muslims are practicing gratitude and it works for them also. 


Taking someone to court for refusing to move out of one's property

Q: A girl and her 7 year old son went to my mom to ask for a place to stay till she found a place to rent. On her first day she harassed and threatened my mom. She did not want to move out. Is it permissible to take court action against her. Also, what prayer or fast can I do for my mom because she is really scared and she feels that the home is in darkness. 


Replying "Yes" if wife says "Are we divorced"

Q: There was a heated conversation between my brother and his wife in which she was asking him “are we divorced”. He was saying yes at the time not intentionally answering her question. He didn’t give her divorce or nothing. It didn’t even come out of his lips. What is the ruling?

Feeding guests at a funeral

Q: What is the Shari ruling regarding being a part of the committee system, which is widespread in our area. People of a community contribute some amount every month e.g Rs. 300 per month. Whenever there is a death in the community, this committee comes forward and the collected amount is used to bear the expenses of the kafan, qabar and meals for 3 days for the guests who visit the family of the deceased. Should I become a part of this committee?

Working in a mixed environment

Q: If a person is working in a non mixed environment, all his needs are being met. Is it permissible for him to take a job in a office where there is both genders working freely and he will have to communicate with the opposite gender, in the name of progress?

Also a person is working in a Islamic school and is married. It is a fully segregated environment. He earns less but through other jobs like picking up and dropping of kids he covers everything else. This person studied in college and studied other certifications and worked in an office environment with non-Muslims for over 5 years. He left it due to getting the opportunity to work in a halal environment. Now his father keeps telling him you are stupid for leaving and you should stick to your career. A Muslim must be strong and not weak, he should go into there environment succeed and give dawah. But this person refuses and stays content with the Islamic school job. Is this person doing something wrong by not listening to his father? The reason why I am asking is because in this time it is so confusing even when you try to save yourself from sins, parents and relatives say that we are narrow minded even though that said parent may have went 4 months jamat 5 times and reads Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvis books.

Also, this parent listens to other scholars that say that if a person is living in the west and doesn't get to study there, schooling is at a loss. Im so confused. Is it permissible for a person to commit sin and earn a little bit more halal earning, like lying on a resume working with non-Muslims. Is this person that works at the Islamic school stupid for not wanting to go back to his career and is he selling himself short. The person still has ambition and inshaAllah if Allah gives him the chance he will try and work on some business. But he doesn't want to go back to the haram career.