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Husband not fulfilling the needs of the wife

Q: I want to clear my confusion about certain issues of my married life. I have recently married. Before my marriage I was doing a graceful job. The reason for working was to eliminate my dependency on my parents and to support my studies which I did side by side of my job. Soon after my education completion my parents associated me with one of my family cousins in family. At the time of engagement the boy and his family were fully aware that I am a working lady. The mean time when we remained engaged they did not cleared the stance weather I will continue my job after marriage on not. After marriage my husband went to Saudi Arabia for job and left me here and we agreed that meantime he completes the formalities and documentation from Saudi Arabia, I shall carry on my job. Its been 6 months that we got married my husband did not care for my nafaqah and whenever I claim he tells me that I am earning money and he has some other things to spend on and refuses to pay or even becomes angry and threatens me with divorce. He forces me to spend my earnings on his brother's family and have taken huge amounts for his degree fees too. I was doing all of it for him thinking in my mind that soon I'll move to Saudi Arabia soon. But I have realised that he does not acknowledge my efforts and contribution I made. At the end of the day he says I have not done anything for him and he don't need my job and forces me to resign immediately. I am in a fix if I would stop working he will not pay me anything. How will I survive? I cannot ask my parents to support me. If I don't quit my job he threatens me off and on during quarrel on some other things to resign immediately. Please guide me in the light of Islam about my rights and obligations.

Khilaal of the beard


  1. Is Khilal done with only the right hand or both the hand?
  2. Is the khilal done on all three parts of the beard or just on the chin?
  3. Even though the salaah is valid behind a faasiq (shave or trim the beard), is it Mustahab to repeat the salaah prayed?

Understanding one's priorities

Q: A young girl is due to give birth anytime inshallah. After birth she's set to go to her parents home for her confinement. Now she receives the news that her parents will be going out in masturaat jamaat. This young girl was sad and depress and pleaded for them not to go now and may be go on another occasion but they would not listen. When they will be away the girls aunties and sister will take care of her. There family members are from other towns though, causing them to leave their respected husbands and children to take care of her needs. Will this be correct or what should be done?


Keeping simple names

Q: My baby girl was born 6 days ago on 10th September 2013. I am confused in deciding her name. Can you please tell me what we should name
her? AMANI or ASMARA are the 2 options.


Honouring one's promise

Q: My husband sometimes gets very moody and talks rudely to me. This is getting out of hand so we spoke about it and he agreed to stop. My husband is very weak and we both know that when he is moody he can't control himself and he will speak rudely to me. We both agreed verbally that if he speaks rudely to me I won't have any physical relations with him for 3 days. Mufti if within those 3 days if he asks me to have a relation with him and I refuse am I sinful?

Difficulty in getting married

Q: I am not getting any boy for marriage. Is it ok to proceed for marriage negotiation to a bank manager?


Dreaming of the deceased

Q: I saw that my aunty was weeping and that my deceased uncle has gone and I am standing near her and I made some dua that I can't remember. Can you please tell me how to get rid of these dreams I am in a state of panic seeing these types of dreams almost everyday?


Passport photos

Q: If pictures are haraam, why do we take photos for ID and passports and also security, and are enforced by regulations?


Reconciling after talaaq-e-baain

Q: I e-mailed you about the problems between my husband and myself, and you replied and said if my husband used the word of "Leave the house" then he will not be halaal for his wife and this will be talaaq-e-baain. My question is if they both want to ruju again what should they do according to the Islamic point of view please help me.

Where should the thumbs be kept is sajdah

Q: For males and females- where should the thumbs be kept in sajdah- in line with the ears or eyes?