Niyyat for missed fasts

Q: I have to make up for a lot of fasts I missed, as well as for some that were most likely invalid (due to issues with ghusl). Is the following intention permissible - "I intend to fast today to make up for a fast that I missed or one that was invalid".

Sitting for i'tikaaf in a musalla

Q: May the sunnah i'tikaaf in Ramadhan be held in a facility which accommodates and facilitates the 5 times salaah, including the jumuah salaahs. This is presently a musallah which caters for the residents in the area, over 300 Muslim homes. Consent dues have been granted already for the musallah to continue, alhamdulillah. The nearest masjid is about 4 Kms away which has a limited space for the mu'takifeen. Kindly advise if we could hold the sunnah i'tikaaf for the musallees of the area?


How to distribute fidyah money?

Q: When giving fidyah for a deceased person's prayers and fasts, is it necessary to use the fidyah money to feed the poor (those eligible for zakaat) or can the money be spent on the poor in other ways? For example:

a. In places where food is served to the poor, the fidyah money is spent on seating arrangements, such as providing the poor with dariyyan (دریاں).

b. Providing the needy with the money for a poor girl's marriage.

c. Just giving the money to the poor to spend it as they like.


Fasting while having a phlegmy cough

Q: When having a cough and wanting to fast (nafl fast), phlegm has to be spit out of the mouth. Can a person fast in this case?

Breaking one's fast due to fear of not being able to manage the fast

Q: Concerning the fast for Mondays, I went to sleep the night before intending to wake up to fast, then I woke up before sunrise and made the intention that I was not going to fast, and upon shutting my eyes I had once again changed my mind to fast thinking it is before sunrise and that I can do Sehri, however, upon checking the time I realised it was past sunrise and I was confused as to whether it counted as a fast or not, and I regarded myself as a fasting person and when another family member asked me regarding eating I verbally said I was fasting. However, I had a slight fear of not being able to maintain the fast throughout the day and therefore ate something upon making a judgement by reading some previous questions asked on a fatwa website. 

Therefore, Firstly was I counted as a fasting person in the first place?

Secondly, will making up the fast be necessary for me?

Niyyah for qadha fasts along with nafl fasts

Q: If a female has Ramadhan qaza fasts to make up, would she get the reward of specific nafl fasts (e.g. arafah day) if she chooses to make qaza of farz fast on that day?

Fasting on a Friday

Q: A day before yesterday one of the elders in my family told me to fast after praying tahajjud on Thursday to make a specific dua to Allah Ta'ala. So I did, but today when searching through the net I found that it is forbidden to fast on a Friday? Is it permissible to fast on a Friday only?

Breaking one's intention to fast after fajr due to not waking up for sehri

Q: What if one breaks the niyah of روزہ قضا after azan of fajr because he wasnt able to wake up for suhoor. 

Committing sins while fasting

Q: Is there any mention in the Quran or Hadith that whoever does not abstain from bad deeds during fasting, it is just as if he is starving himself?

Mistakenly swallowing something while fasting


1. During Ramadhaan, I was baking a cake and whilst mixing, the chocolate powder went everywhere and I could taste it in my throat. The chocolate powder must have gone down my throat because it got stuck at the back of my throat. When I swallowed, it went down. Did this break my fast, and is kaffarah necessary?

2. Does swallowing (loose) skin on the lips break the fast?