Hajj & Umrah

When do the restrictions of ihraam start?

Q: When do the restrictions of ihram start: after praying two rakaats or after saying niyat or after talbiyah?

Using a blanket during ihraam


1. Can one use a blanket with sewn borders during ihram?

2. Can one wear a watch with a leather strap which has stitches during ihram?

Going for hajj with one's son

Q: If a wife has enough money to perform Hajj, but husband is busy because of his job. Is it OK for the woman to go for Hajj with her 16 years old son?

Performing umrah a day after reaching Makkah Mukarramah

Q: We will be travelling to Jeddah for a month on umrah visa. Is it necessary to do umrah on the same day we land or we can do umra the next day? My husband is in Jeddah.

Leaving one's pregnant wife and going for hajj

Q: If my wife is pregnant and is due to give birth during the hajj time while I am away, can I still go for hajj leaving her alone?

Performing Umrah on behalf of one's parents

Q: I live in Saudia Arabia. I have done already two times Umrah. I want to make Umrah for my parents. My parents stay in India. Is it possible to make Umrah for my parents while they are alive?


Q: I want to perform Hajj for the second time. Can I perform this Hajj as Hajj-e-badal for my father as he is not well since he has hypertensive, sugar and prostate problems. I have problem with a mahram. My 15 year old nephew will turn 16 soon. Can he go with me as a mahram?

Transferring one's debt to go for hajj

Q: One Haj pilgrim owes a debt around Rs. 1.5 lakh and mortgaged her gold for debt. Is it permissible to transfer the ownership of mortgaged gold and debt to another person and then go for Haj. Will the Haj be valid? 

Siblings pooling money to send someone for Hajj-e-badal on behalf of their deceased father

Q: I haven't performed Hajj yet. Can I and my siblings pool money and sponsor someone to perform Hajj-e-Badal on behalf of my deceased father?

Using virtual reality to learn about hajj and umrah

Q: Can we use virtual reality to learn about hajj and umrah?