Hanging a photo of the Kabah on the front wall of the musjid

Q: In our Masjid someone has placed a hanging painting/photo of Kaba and Gumbade Khazra at the wall near the (Member- place where Imam leads the Salah). Is it permissible to put it there. I have reservations. So far I am concerned as it diverts the attention of cautious and creative people and therefore not good to keep these things in Masjid. Is it correct?

Making musjid property a pathway for people

Q: I am from a small village of Kashmir. We have planned to build a jamma masjid in our village. The land adjacent to the old masjid plot is donated by somebody for a madrasah. Can we use a part of the donated land to make an alleyway i.e. a passage to the masjid so that the street becomes a free passageway for villagers on the other side of the masjid. It will become more convenient for passing.

Building a musjid on a land given by a non-Muslim

Q: Is it permissible to build a masjid on a land which is given by a non-Muslim? 

Building a masjid with qarz-e-hasanah

Q: What the ruling on building masjid with qarz-e-hasanah?

Building an astro turf field on musjid premises

Q: A certain musjid has decided with the approval of a Mufti to build an astro turf soccer field on the musjid premises, whilst the premises is waqf. The project is spearheaded by the main Imaam and a collection drive is on for the funds of approximately R450 000. The organizers feel that they will attract people to the musjid and save them from the evils out there. The usual suspects that are being followed are the Ulemaa and community in a nearby town (apparently the nearby town has a similar facility in their muslim school yard). This astro turf will apparently be open to females asking them to adhere to purdah whilst they make use of the facility. The project seems rushed to beat anyone putting a stop to it.

1) Can such a project be done on waqf land?

2) Can females play sport in the musjid yard?

3) Should the organizers lease the land and pay a fee to the musjid?

Bringing minor children to the Musjid

Q: With the steady and frequent flow of people coming for Umrah and Ziyaarah, on account of general affluence, we notice that huge crowds are now coming to Makkah and Madinah. While it is applaudable to perform umrah and visit the haramain in this manner, it has unfortunately brought certain problems in its wake. Both the harams are becoming centres of entertainment in which small children are playing, making noise and running around. This problem has reached the point where even the Imaams, Imaam Subail in the past and Imaam Sudais, have complained on account of the small children spoiling the ambiance of the haram.

Is there any guidance in the Shari’ah as to how we should deal with this situation? Many a time, it is noticed that small children are running around, shouting, playing, etc, both at salaah times and even out of salaah times. On account of this, people performing their rituals and engaging in ibaadaat are disturbed.

In this era, it is a norm for every type of information to be available to every person. Each person can search the internet and within seconds, they have loads of information at their fingertips. Hence, every person, whether he is educated or uneducated, whether he understands Deen or not and whether he has taqwa or not, feels that he can directly deduce any mas’ala from any Hadith. Thus, the Hadith which mentions that Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Husain (Radhiyallahu Anhuma) were present in the Musjid during their childhood, or that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) was carrying his grandchild, Hazrat Umaamah (Radhiyallahu Anha), during salaah while she was an infant, is often quoted in support of minor children coming to the Musjid. Can you provide some guidance in this issue?

Substituting a land given as waqf for a musjid with another land

Q: Can one piece of land which has initially been given waqf (for use of masjid) can another land of the same size, by the same owner, be substituted instead?

Selling a musjid

Q: There is a masjid in that is now being sold to purchase a new property. Some main points:

- It’s mainly indo-pak community so 90 to 95% of the congregation is Hanafi

- The committee is Hanafi as well

- The committee is now saying they never made intention for it to be a masjid

- Some Ulama are saying intention was made

- The new masjid property is 5 stories and accommodates the biggest Muslim community in Toronto

- The current masjid cannot accommodate the amount of kids in the area for Maktab, Jummah etc.

- There is no possibility of extending the current “Masjid” because of the type of building and area it is situated in.

Are they allowed to sell the masjid if the intention was made for masjid? Someone said that they are allowed to take rulings from other Madhabs in this scenario to find a way to fix the issue at hand, is this correct? What should be done in this scenario?

TV screen in the musjid

Q: I have question regarding photography in the masjid. Nowadays we see in our country that there is a big screen inside the masjid in which we can see the imam who is delivering a bayan, etc. I want to know if that is correct?

Secondly I have heard that if there is an animated object where salah is perform than your salah will be makrooh? Is this correct?

Non-Muslims entering Musjids


1. Are non-Muslims allowed in masjids? Can Non-Muslims be invited into the masajid by Muslims?

2. Can non-Muslims enter into Makkah or Madinah or the Haram boundaries?

3. Can we invite non-Muslims to our house for lunch/dinner or their bad company could affect our Iman as well? Can we be friends with non-muslims?