Qurbaani & Halaal Slaughter

Slaughtering an animal with one horn for qurbaani

Q: Is it permissible to sacrifice an animal with one horn for udhiya?

Questions on aqeeqah


1. When should we give the aqeeqa after a child is born?

2. Can we give it after a long period for some reason.

3. For whom should we give the aqeeqa?

4. Who can give aqeeqa for a child?

5. Is it a must to give aqeeqa for every child?

6. My main question is that can we give aqeeqa meat by cooking it and arranging a lunch or dinner party?

7. Can we give a aqeeqa lunch portion to a non-Muslim?


Q: Can I arrange the aaqiqah of my son with my brother's wedding (marriage)? I want to know about the hadith and law related to aqeeqah ?

Slaughtering a jalaalah animal

Q: How long should a cock or chicken grown without chemicals be tied before slaughter?

Halaal and haraam animals

Q: Are the following animals Halaal to consume in the Hanafi Madhab:

1. Gerbil 2. Guinea Pig 3. Squiril 3. Peacock 4. Stork 5. Hadeda 6. Owl 7. Buffalo 8. Zebra

Hunting wild animals

Q: If an animal was hunted according to the correct sharee method but not in conformity to the laws of the country, will the animal be halaal?

Who can consume aqeeqah meat?

Q: Can the meat from aqeeqah be eaten by the parents and grandparents of the child?

Doing aqeeqah for one's family


1. I want to know that I have a son that is 11 months. I want to do my, my wifes and my sons aqiqah on the same day. Is it possible because I don't know if my aqiqah was done or not because in our family aqiqah is mostly done on the occasion of marriage.

2. Also, give me details about how I do and what to do on the occasion of aqiqah so that we are safe from unwanted thing.s

3. And also I want to know, does me and my wife have to give silver equal to the hair in charity or can I pay the same price in cash? 

Purchasing an animal to slaughter with haraam money

Q: Can one perform zabiha of an animal that is purchased with illegal means, i.e. money earned from gambling, smuggling drugs, etc.

Performing aqeeqah for an adult

Q: Because of some reason, Aqeeqha wasn't performed for my brother. He is 35 years old now. Can Aqeeqha be done now at this age by his father? Also, should we shave his hair at the time of slaughtering? If yes, may I know the order of slaughtering and shaving his hair? Should we shave this hair or remove little amount of hair? Please tell. What is the procedure of aqeeqha in this case?