Purifying a bucket that a child urinated in

Q: If a little kid urinates in a bucket, how to get rid of impurity from the bucket?

Having tooth filling while in the state of janaabat

Q: I had a metal filling put in whilst in a state of janaba and I am now concerned whether my ghusl will be valid once performed? As the metal fillings have covered my teeth while I was junub.

Does touching a non-mahram break wudhu?

Q: Does any contact (getting touched) by a na-mahram breaks wudu in our Hanafi mazhab? What if it does during Tawaf or Saeey, since it is not easy to get out of Haram Shareef to perform wudu? If wudu needs to be renewed in Haram shareef, can it be done with zamzam?

Will wudhu break if one sees blood in the saliva when brushing the teeth?

Q: If whilst brushing the teeth, some blood is seen in the saliva, does this break the wudhu?

Becoming napaak through smoking cigarettes

Q: How many days my body will be "napak" if I smoke cigarettes?

Finding nail polish on one's nail after performing ghusal

Q: If a person made ghusal and thereafter notices a small bit of nail polish on their nails, will they have to repeat the entire ghusal?

Water did not enter earring holes when making ghusal

Q: In a case where one was not aware that the earrings have to be removed for ghusal (so that water reaches that area), what should she now do about her past salaah etc?

Mopping baby urine

Q: My maid mopped over my baby urine by mistake and she continued to mop with the same water in other rooms too. Now what should I do? Shall I mop 2 times again?

Water splashes from a public bathroom

Q: In my office washroom, the janitors keep the floor dry using a mop. Now the toilets are separate from the area where there are wash basins. However, the janitors use the same mop to clean the floor of the entire washroom (toilet and the washbasin area). Now when washing myself or performing wudoo at the wash basins, drops of water usually fall down on the floor. Does these drops become napaak after splashing from the floor? In the start I tried to avoid these drops from falling and then bouncing on my feet and clothes, but it is almost impossible and every now and then I get water splashed on my feet and clothes. What I should do in such a case? If I become napaak, how can I perform salah then because I have no way to change my clothes in the office and it happens too frequently?

Can a person perform salaah with the wudhu he made to recite Quraan

Q: If we do wudu with the intention to read Quran, we cannot read salah with it, is it true? What if I perform wudu for being in the state of taharat, can I pray with this wudu or if I intend to pray with this wudu can I read Quran?