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Marrying a woman in the state of iddat

Q: A woman got married to another man right after her divorce without completing her iddat. What is the status of her marriage to the other man. Is the nikaah valid?

Speaking freely and being casual with one's sister in-law

Q: I was like kind of attracted to my sister in-law. About a year back my wife and I where having an argument. She was telling me that she does not like me talking to her sister and that I'm always talking to her sister etc. I always like had the thought that the rule regarding where a man touches his mother in-law with lust nikah breaks may also apply to the sister in law also. I also had doubts as to whether the rule may apply to the sister in law. I was not completely sure. Anyway, during that argument I told my wife "you know if I even touch .... (my wifes sister) nikah breaks" with no intention of any taalaq at all. I wasn't suspending or issuing a talaaq I wasn't even thinking about taalaq. I just told her that for it to seem as though that is the Islamic ruling. I just guessed/made up/lied for it to seem that that is the Islamic ruling and for her not to worry and to give assurance. I had absolutely no intention of any talaaq. The only intention I may have had was not to touch my sister in law because its a sin. After couple of months I touched my sister in-law with lust then after a few months I may have touched her with lust again. I was told by various Muftis that no talaaq or suspended talaaq takes place.

1. After getting these fatwas I have started to get strong waswasas that I had intention. I get thoughts like "think properly about your intention" "this happened so long ago how can you be so sure you had no intention". All this while I was certain that I had no intention at all, I was 100% sure. Now this waswasa is making me have doubts which is really affecting me. I was told to ignore waswasa. What I'm trying to say is that all this while I was certain I had no intention only after getting fatwas from muftis that I am safe then these thoughts came up.

2. Another thought that came to my mind was supposing the statement I made was "you know if I even touch her our nikah breaks" and not "you know if I even touch her nikaah breaks". With no intention (same situation as above in the 1st paragraph) I asked this question to another two muftis and they both told me the ruling is still the same. No talaq. 

3. Once a long time ago after getting fatwas from muftis, my sister in law sat next to me and I was so tempted to touch her and I knew that waswasa was going to start and I said in my mind only, not verbal something like "now its three talaqs and shaytaan must stop worrying me"  and allowed my body to touch against hers? Am I safe? Can that be talaaq? Regardless of the intention talaaq has to be be verbal or written for it to be valid am I correct? Am I safe? Is there any talaq in these situation? I humbly await your reply. 

​I make dua to Allah that he forgives me for the sin of touching my sister in-law with lust.

Taking advise from a pious qualified Aalim

Q: If we have a lot problems, one finishes and another starts, can we ask any Aalim or any roohaani Aalim to give us the solution according to the Qur'an and Sunnah? Is it permissible because some one said that it is shirk to tell someone your problems. Please guide me.


Islamic attire in college

Q: I am from India. I did not offer Namaz regularly before 1 year. I did not know the difference even between Mahram and Gair Mahram. I was spending my time in music and other major sins. But Alhamdulillah! Allah Ta'ala took me out of the valley of sins. Now I perform Salaah on time, and do not listen music. My life changed by the bayans of Ulama likes of Hazrat Maulana Syed Anzar Shah Qasmi D.B. Now I wear the cloths like the Ulama-e-Deoband, I always wears a Topi. I passed class 12th this year and now I am to get admission in any collage. I will have to wear uniform defined by college. But I don't want to wear pants and shirt. I want to study more but I don't want to wear pants and shirt. But if I goes to college, I will have to wear pants and shirt. Please tell me that what should I do?


Consuming haraam food

Q: If we eat haraam food such as non-halaal chicken, will we be unclean or napaak for 40 days? Our prayers, fasting or dua will not be accepted for 40 days if we eat non-halaal chicken for example?


Boy and girl simulating the proposal and acceptance of nikaah in a theatre play

Q: As part of a theatre play, a man proposes to a women and she accepts. Muslims are present in the audience. Will the nikah take place in real-life?

Attending functions of non muslims

Q: Is it permissible to attend functions of non muslims such as weddings etc, where it is known that sinful acts will be taking place?


Duas to recite on the night of me'raj


  1. Is there anything specific to read on the night of me'raj?
  2. What duas can I read to find a suitable spouse for my daughter?
  3. What duas should we read for exams?


Bad dreams

Q: Its the second day I am having bad dreams. The first dream was a boy and girl were killed with a knife and they died. The second dream was a older boy getting shot in the head and he dies. Can you please tell me what these dreams mean? 


Virtues of Surah Qaaf

Q: I would like to know what are the virtues of surah Qaaf and how many angels are carrying the Arsh of Allah?