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Leaving one's pregnant wife and going for hajj

Q: If my wife is pregnant and is due to give birth during the hajj time while I am away, can I still go for hajj leaving her alone?

Partnership in a business

Q: I have started a new business for which I need some funds. I do not want to take a loan that involves interest. I have found an investor but he wants some kind of profit. I really really need the fund for my business so how do we proceed in a halal manner?

Talking loudly in front of one's parents

Q: In my house, we (me and my siblings) have debated on many issues and this sort of debate is normal for us and it is often how we come to a decision. While debating we tend to raise our voices but this is also normal for us (everyone is our house tends to talk loud). We mean no disrespect to our mom by it. From what I know, my mom does not get offended by this and actively takes part in these debates. Is this sort of a thing a sin or considered disrespecting our parents?

Giving sadaqah to one's domestic worker

Q: Is it permissible to give extra money to someone working for us at home, doing cleaning, ironing, etc, as hadiyah or it will be like a bribe to let him work better? What about the intention of compensation thinking we are paynig less than the amount of work he is doing?

Placing a book with the name of Allah on the floor

Q: My brothers school notebook logo has Allah written on it. He's a child and he prefers to keep his books on the ground to work. The ground is covered with carpet. Will we be sinning if we keep the copy on the carpeted ground?


Visiting a dargah

Q: Today I seen a new dargah which is made in my city named Gadhinglaj. One of the maulavi has burried some old Qu'ran Sharif inside the ground and made a Dargah there and celebrating URS Sharif. Is it valid to make such durgah? And is it valid to visit such Dargah?


Salaah for patients in hospitals

Q: I often do work in hospitals and come across Muslim patients. When speaking to them, I realise that they are not reading their salaah because sometimes they have urine catherters attached to them/nappys/weak in bed and unable to keep themselves paak. Some say they just don’t feel clean in hospital environment or are too weak to make wudhu, etc. How must I advise them?

Dua when rooster crows

Q: I live in the countryside and in my courtyard I have six hens and a beautiful red rooster, masha'Allah. The rooster crows many times a day. It starts before sunrise and it stops after sunset. It crows especially when I listen/recite the Quraan or Durood Sharif, masha'Allah. I'm really happy of this thing because I know that Imam at-Tirmidhi reported in his Jami' that Abu Huraira (radhiyallahu anhu) narrated: "The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said "When you hear the crowing of the roosters, then ask Allah of His grace/bounty, for verily they have seen an angel, etc.". So when I hear the crow, I recite various duas sometimes in Arabic and sometimes in Italian, but I don't know the specific du´a for this case. Well, I'd like to know the best du´a to say when I hear the crow of my rooster (in transliterated Arabic, please).


Dua for yawning

Q: Someone mentioned that when one yawns then this is from Shaytaan and one should recite ta'awwuz.

1. Is this correct, and applicable all the time?

2. Should one recite أعوذ... Every time one yawns

3. Is there mention of this in the hadith, and what is the hadith.

4. Similarly with regards to yawning softly without making a noise, is this mentioned in hadith?


Muslim students writing about evolution

Q: My sister is currently set to graduate at the end of this year, after which she will join the rest of my family in Turkey. However, this term she took a biology course that had multiple chapters regarding human evolution. She is now preparing for the exam for that course, and the chapters on human evolution happen to be a large part of the exam. If she doesn't answer the questions, she will most likely fail and if not, her average would become very low, and it may effect her graduation or her ability to move to Turkey at the end of the year. Can she write a general statement like 'so and so theorized this' without any indication of agreement and without stating anything as a fact? If not, is there any way for her to answer the questions (in written form) related to human evolution without falling into kufr?

Also, from what I know, medical schools even in Islamic Countries rely on biology books that include topics like human evolution, and the students are tested on the theories. How can Muslim students graduate as doctors without getting near kufr?