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Girls going to universities

Q: I would like to clarify Mufti Sahebs opinion on girls attending universities and going a step further and encouraging them to do so. The reason why we are asking is because of Ml Ebrahim Bham of the Jamiatul Ulama who promotes this in public gatherings and Ulama groups as recent (as the day before yesterday).

Many Ulama and students of Deen are confused in this matter and other matters as they say Ml refers his matters to Hazrat Mufti Saheb and visits the madrasah occasionally.

Separating from one's parents

Q: I am student of graduation and searching for a good job. I have question regarding family issues. Since I realized that my parents and siblings have always been unsupportive and I am loveless. Now my age is 26, and I can't adjust myself in my family everything is uncontrolled. Living with two big brothers and two little sister and no one is married. In future it would be difficult to live with them anymore. I don't want to misbehave and quarrel with anyone, but I want to spend my life separately. What is your guidance according to Quran and hadith... Can I leave them forever? I tried hard to manage but outcome is zero. Can I separate myself, because things are getting worse everyday?


Burying an umbilical cord stump, extracted tooth, pubic hair and nails


1. What should be done with the umbilical cord stump (clamp) after it gets detached from the baby?

2. What should be done to an extracted tooth?

3. How can the underarm hairs/ pubic hairs be disposed of? Can it be flushed through the toilet basin?

4. Can we despose of the nails through hand wash basin?

Husband saying words of talaaq without directing it to the wife

Q: I have been married for two years and have a baby on the way. For some reason I am remembering that one night, two weeks after getting newly married my husband and I went out for a romantic dinner. We were having a sweet and loving conversation that went like this:

Husband: I love you so much please don't ever leave my side

Wife: I love you so very much too. You are my world. I could never leave you, it would be too hard for me to do that. If anything, you could easily leave just by saying three words.

Husband: oh yeah talak chahiye talak chahiye talak chahiye. Wait no, talak dehta hoon talak dehta hoon talak dehta hoon.

Wife: yes those are the words. why did you say those words out loud?

Husband: I thought you were asking me if I knew the words so I just mentioned them.

Wife: did you say it to me as a funny joke?

Husband: no I was only mentioning the words because I thought you were asking me if I knew the three words.

We left the conversation at that. We believe that everything was okay. We even submitted this to an Islamic website and also spoke to an imam of our masjid. They both said that if he did not direct those words towards me in seriousness or in a joking divorce and only said those words as to mention the words by which divorce happens then the nikkah is fine and unharmed. He was only speaking in hypothetical terms by way of example.

 Please let us know what you think as well of the situation?

Consummating the marriage for halaalah to be valid

Q: Please can you urgently help me with my problem.

I made nikaah as a second wife. We had constant arguments about him being unfair regarding promises on time spent with me. A month later we had a meeting with my father which resulted in a heated argument between my father and my husband, my father left. My husband was so angry, he uttered 3 consecutive talaaqs (uttered the word 3 times). I sat for iddat (it was during my menses). After a month of observing iddat my husband contacted me, and being past the anger, we had an intimate telephone conversation with each other and promised he would change. He said that he had spoken to a learned person and he had proof that only 1 talaaq had fallen:

• If talaaq was given in anger and without pre-meditation and because we had an intimate conversation whilst I was observing my iddat, then all 3 talaaq did not fall.

• He also mentioned that he had sinned because he had given me talaaq during my menses.

I was still not sure that my talaaq was given and continued my iddat. When I completed my iddat and he came to me and showed me the ayats whereby I could remarry somebody else and then that person could divorce me and I did not have to consummate that nikaah, so that he (my husband) could remarry me. All I needed to do was to return the mahr to this person and then he would be divorced from me. This all happened in the same day with the 3 of us being present. I have the 2nd marriage certificate, with my first husband as my witness. Thereafter my husband and I remarried for a 2nd time on.

We rented a place and my husband lived with me from time to time. He decided that I should go live back with my parents. I had a baby in that time. One day we got into an argument and he sent me ansms with talaaq word. I took this to an alimah who confirmed that talaaq had fallen. I observed iddat again. He came back to me after the iddat and said that the talaaq wasn’t valid as he did not say the actual talaaq word. We continued living as husband and wife. The reason why I believed and trusted my husband every time is because he is very Islamically inclined and a hafiz.

What is worrying me is based on the manner in which my husband presented my talaaq (3 at once) and the process we followed in terms of the 2nd nikaah, I need to know where I stand. It’s been worrying me for some time now and when he comes home I am not at ease as I feel I am committing zinna and I just want him to stay away from me. Please help me I can’t live with this guilt I don’t know what is the right thing in Allah's eyes. Am I still married or is the (3) talaaq valid?


Going to a musjid that is further away from one's home

Q: Is it ok to bypass the nearest mosque and go to a distant mosque in order to pray there, because the Imam of the (distant) mosque has good tajweed and tarteel and prays bigger surahs and is well acquainted with the Masail?

Significance of reading Surah Ar-Rahmaan and Surah Mumtahina at night

Q: What is the significance of reading Surah Ar-Rahmaan and Surah Mumtahina at night?


Suicide ka saza

Q: I want to commit suicide. Main but majbor hn. Itni himmat nahi k mazeed zinda rahun plz suicide ki Islam mean saza kya hai. Mere pas is k ilawa koi hl nahi.

Keeping the name Sanam

Q: What is the meaning of the name Sanam? Is it ok for me to have this name? In my culture it means "Beloved" but someone told me in Quran it means "statue" or "Idol". Please advise.


Meaning of the dua of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) about living poor

Q: The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) made dua: "O Allaah, cause me to live poor and cause me to die poor, and gather me among the poor on the Day of Resurrection". He (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) also also said: "The poor will enter Jannah 500 years before the rich." However on the other hand, Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) made dua: "O Allah give me the best of this world and the best of the hereafter," and they also said "Seek refuge with Allah from poverty, want and humiliation, and from wronging others or being wronged.

My question is that should we make dua from Allah to make us live poor and die poor so that we enter 500 years before the majority of the ummah?