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Reason for Allah Ta'ala using "We" in the Quraan instead of "I"

Q: "We created you in pairs" (Quran 78:8)

Why Is the word "we" used and not "I"?


Starting a partnership and supplying goods to the partnership from one's own business

Q: A friend of mines needs help to boost his business so we decided to divide his shop into two. In the one section I will go into a 50 50 partnership with him. We will be a retail store selling blankets, mats, electrical items etc. We as partners won't earn a wage but will share the profit 50%.

The other important info is my main store will supply stock for this store at a small profit to me only (transport costs and my workers will be loading, offloading, marking). My friend has a separate business of his own in the other part of the premises. The option of me just supplying stock to him won't work since he feels he won't be able to manage the store and feels the business will be more successfull with me as a partner. He doesn't have the cash to do the renovations etc. needed to start this venture.

I want to do everything according to sharia. Where can I get all the info needed to draw up the partnership agreement, what's allowed and whats not etc.

Smoking marijuana

Q: Is marijuana consider khmar? And does it invalidate the salat for 40 days?


Using binaural beats for health issues

Q: My question is, can binaural beats be used by a Muslim if he/she just wants to do self help for getting rid of any kind of disease, skin problems, hair issues, obesity, depression, anxiety etc. Though he/she got exhausted by visiting so many doctors again and again and also used home remedies for getting rid of their health issues but nothing positively happend... If he/she just only considers that all the benefits will come from Almighty Allah if I use binaural beats to make my health and appearance better... Nothing and no one has power to grant the benefits and goodness but only Allah Almighty...


Premarital relationship

Q: I am 26 years old women, I am from malaysia. Im in a relationship with a guy from india. we decided to get married soon.. but i faced lot of problem from my family especially from my dad. he is not allowing me to get married to the guy because to him he is not up to my dad standard, he is coming from 3rd class country as compared to malaysia n he will not be able to take care of me like how my dad did...

My dad said he feel very ashamed because i want to get married to a foreigner.. besides that the guy is not filthy rich... i tried to make him understand by telling the way of his thinking is wrong... we shouldnt said those stuff, all of us are equal in the eyes of Allah... he said i am so desperate... im so much sad on how he is thinking... im trying to make everythng gets better...

Now everyone in my family isolating me... they said i am rude because i talked to my dad like that... i just told him the truth.. that his thinking is wrong... n i told him if Allah put him to be my husband u cant do anythng...then he told me...that will never happen when he is still alive... i am so much depressed at home...

I am old enough to get married but they arent letting me...proudly the told that i will be so proud if u didnt get married at all... i dont have desire is it? Allah created everyone in pairs... in fact my dad originates from india...his parent are from india only he was born and brought up in malaysia. when i asked him you are from there... y are u against it so bad.. he said he will slap me if i said that once more. i am really sad regarding my parent behavior especially my dad... what can i do for this

How should a woman make istinjaa?

Q: How should a female wash her private part after urinating. Is washing only the urethral opening 3 times with water sufficient?



Q: Can you prove solipsism wrong? Solipsism is the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. I mean, you don't know whether others have feelings just like you or not, but you will just see that they are crying but can never be sure of the fact they actually have feelings.


Verification of a Hadith

Q: May I know if the following hadith is authentic?

Salman Al-Farsi quoted the Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) as saying: “Observe the night prayer; it was the practice of the righteous before you and it brings you closer to your Rabb and it is penance for evil deeds and erases the sins and repels disease from the body.” [At-Tabarani]


Doubting the help of Allah Ta'ala

Q: Sometimes we are told to have patience and expect the help of Allah Ta'ala in times of difficulty. Examples are given of Ebrahim (alaihis salaam) as he was flung over the fire, or the help of Allah Ta'ala to Nuh (alaihis salaam) through the ark, etc. But there are also many cases where prophets themselves were killed, or good believers were killed, and so they were not saved by Allah Ta'ala.

How should we reconcile this, that we may sometimes encourage a person that Allah Ta'ala's help will come as long as you have yaqeen, yet there are many cases where prophets or believers with perfect yaqeen still were made shaheed. 


Not using one's real name online

Q: Instead of using my real name online I use the first letter. Is this permissible or considered to be cheating?