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Hazrat Hawa (alaihas salaam) being created from the rib of Hazrat Aadam (alaihis salaam)

Q: Are women created from a rib or was Hawa (alaihas salaam) only created from Aadam (alaihis salaam)'s rib? 


Living with a mentally challenged person

Q: I have a mentally challenged brother who is 29 years old. He insists that he has to come to the musjid with us. In the musjid he is extremely disruptive and reads his qiraats and tasbeehs, etc. aloud. If he makes wudu in the musjid, he wets himself as if he had a bath as well as others around him. He reads every masnoon dua e.g. entering the musjid, leaving the musjid, dua after wudu etc. all aloud. Even his thanaa in jamaat is read aloud as well as his takbeere oola. Sometimes he makes 4 to 5 sajdas in one rakaat. He disturbs the entire congregation. However if we leave him at home he goes mad and starts screaming shouting and sometimes even becoming violent. The other day we left him and went to the musjid he ran after the car the whole way and by the time he got to the musjid he was screaming and breathing heavily and it was really embarrassing as well as disturbing to the entire musjid. We really don't know what to do!

1. Is it better for us to take him with to the musjid and disturb everyone or can we read our jamaat at home with him because it is basically impossible to go to the musjid without him due to his violent reaction if we leave him at home?

2. Since he is a maazoor, who will get the sin of him causing takleef to every person in the musjid at every namaaz?

3. Will the hukm of qisaas etc. be applied to him? For example, if he hurts someone or breaks someone's car etc. Will he be mukallaf? If not, who is responsible for his damages?

4. I read a narration in Muslim Shareef of a mentally challenged person in the time of Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم, who was told to stand in the saff of the children? Can this be used as a proof that a mentally challenged person can go to the musjid?

5. Who is responsible after his parents for looking after him?

6. We sometimes treat him very badly and shout at him a lot because he is extremely difficult to live with and we run out of patience with him. We have all really lost sabr with him. Will we be sinful for hurting his feelings and shouting at him? Even though he refuses to listen we still shout at him and we know he can't help it, it's not his fault , but we too cannot help shouting and correcting him rudely.

7. As encouragement for us, what is the reward for living with such people?

8. What naseehat/guidance does our Deen give us in regards to living/interacting with such people?


Mother preventing son from wearing white kurta and imaamah

Q: What should I do if my mom doesn’t allow me to wear imaamah and white Shalwar Kameez (Sunnah attire). She only lets me wear it at home and the masjid and not if we go to any person’s house, the mall or anywhere else. Am I right in saying that I have to listen to her because listening to her is Fardh and wearing white and wearing imaamah is sunnah.

Software piracy

Q: My question is about the Software Piracy. I have seen some software/plugins that people have to buy with cash. Though they are paid software, some of the software don't require any serial key/purchase code to use. They can be used only if the user has the software main copy. What if the user don't buy them from a store but get a real copy from the internet. Will using the software be halaal?

Divorce in a civil court

Q: I want to ask you a few questions before I make a decision about marrying a second wife. I am not satisfied with my marriage with my first wife. This is due to a lack of affection and neglect from my first wife. I have had this problem for 5 to 6 years now and I have tried to talk to my wife to resolve how I feel but nothing seems to better my situation, and I have now given up. I still care about my first wife and I still want to provide for her and our 3 children. I want to marry a second wife but I don't want to commit a sin. The UK law does not recognise a second wife. It is actually illegal in the UK to have a second wife, although it is fine to have a mistress. As I am aware that there is an Islamic ruling that I should abide by the law of the country that I reside in.

1. My question is, if I get permission from my first wife, and provided I fulfil both wives rights, will I be commiting a sin to have a second wife in the UK?

2. Does a divorce through the UK civil court break the Islamic nikah? (From my own research I have found that it does not break the Islamic nikah)

3. I have met a person from Morroco who has accepted to be my second wife, but to bring her to UK I have to first divorce my first wife through the UK civil court. Can I do this in order to bring my second wife into the UK? I do not want to break the nikah to my first wife. 

Parents taking child's money when they are in need

Q: My parents had given my brother some pocket money which he had collected and saved till it was 900. Then financial problems came and my parents took my brothers money and used it and my brother could not tell them anything. Now he demands for the money to be returned. My parents say that it was we who gave you the money, so there is no loan upon us. What should be done?

Developing software for a financing company

Q: I am working in a software house as a software engineer where I develop a software for a leasing and finance company. That leasing and finance company gives cars/vehicles to their customers on interest. And I develop and provide them the software for their interest business. Is my job is right or wrong? What should I do? 

Performing salaah after applying medication on one's private part

Q: I massage over my penis with Roghan Beer Bahuti 2-3 times a week gently except the glans (front part). I have been advised to apply the above medicine. Can I perform namaz after applying this medicine?

Taking a debt on one's credit card to pay for one's parent's hajj expenses

Q: My husband's parents names were selected for Hajj this year. However, they have a shortfall of a lot of money. One-third of it. My father-in-law also has a credit card with money owing on it. However, he is not concerned about clearing his debt before going. Furthermore, he asked my husband if he can help him with the balance of the money, which my husband said he would take on his credit card. I am not in favour of this decision as it is a lot of money and we actually cannot afford to pay it every month but he is insistent. We have a family of our own and expenses every month, furthermore, my father-in-law has no sense of remorse that he is going to put his son into debt. Is this fair? Is this allowed?

Will hurmat-e-musaaharah be established through sodomy


1. If a son and father commit sodomy with each other, is it permissible for the son's (who committed sodomy with his father) children/grandchildren to marry his brother's/sister's children/grandchildren?

2. (A) committed sodomy with (B). Will (A)'s sister be allowed to marry (B)'s brother? Or Will (A)'s brother be allowed to marry (B)' sister?

3. (A) committed sodomy with (B). Is it permissible for (A) to marry (B)'s own sister/cousin?

4. If someone committed sodomy with his male cousin/male cousin's son. Are their children/grandchildren allowed to marry each other?

5. If someone touched his female cousin or his female cousin's daughter/male cousin's daughter with lust. Are their children/grandchildren allowed to marry each other?