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Marital problems

Q: I am 27 years old. We are married nearly 2 and half years now. I am struggling to conceive due to imbalance of hormones and irregular periods. My husband has higher desire of sex compare to myself. I am trying my level best to meet up to his requirements but he is not happy and believing that I disobey him. I know and accept in Islam that a wife must show up when her husband calls her to bed otherwise she is sinful. He gets angry and frustrated with me and tells me that I should change my religion because I refuse him in bed. It is really quite worrying my life, I see no fault of myself if naturally I have less desire compared to him. But I am being scolded most of the time. My question is that what should I do in this case? Am I still sinful? How should we behave in this aspect? How should my husband treat me as I am naturally less desiring and most of the time I am meeting his requirement. I can say 90% of the time I do meet his desires. 

The acceptance of duas


1. What is the reason why wazifas don't work for some people and what are the conditions needed to make sure it works?

2. If you don't pray salah, will Wazifa never work or will it just work very slowly? What if you pray but not punctual?


Bringing minor children to the Musjid

Q: With the steady and frequent flow of people coming for Umrah and Ziyaarah, on account of general affluence, we notice that huge crowds are now coming to Makkah and Madinah. While it is applaudable to perform umrah and visit the haramain in this manner, it has unfortunately brought certain problems in its wake. Both the harams are becoming centres of entertainment in which small children are playing, making noise and running around. This problem has reached the point where even the Imaams, Imaam Subail in the past and Imaam Sudais, have complained on account of the small children spoiling the ambiance of the haram.

Is there any guidance in the Shari’ah as to how we should deal with this situation? Many a time, it is noticed that small children are running around, shouting, playing, etc, both at salaah times and even out of salaah times. On account of this, people performing their rituals and engaging in ibaadaat are disturbed.

In this era, it is a norm for every type of information to be available to every person. Each person can search the internet and within seconds, they have loads of information at their fingertips. Hence, every person, whether he is educated or uneducated, whether he understands Deen or not and whether he has taqwa or not, feels that he can directly deduce any mas’ala from any Hadith. Thus, the Hadith which mentions that Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Husain (Radhiyallahu Anhuma) were present in the Musjid during their childhood, or that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) was carrying his grandchild, Hazrat Umaamah (Radhiyallahu Anha), during salaah while she was an infant, is often quoted in support of minor children coming to the Musjid. Can you provide some guidance in this issue?

Making a step grandfather a guardian for nikaah and ignoring the biological father

Q: Can a step grandfather, without the permission of the biological father give my daughters hand for nikaah. Her biological father says that he has to give permission for the step grandfather to stand as her guardian or her nikaah is invalidated.

Giving a discount

Q: I purchased an x-ray machine. Mr.X said that he wants to run the machine, and told that he will be giving monthly 20,000 rupees to me, and the rest of the profit will be his. Three months he gave me that amount i.e 20,000. The next two months Mr.X couldn't get enough profit, so he told me that he is going to give 15,000. I agreed as I don't want him to go in loss. Is my business in accordance to shariah?

Reciting Quraan while wearing impure clothes

Q: If I am paak i.e. I am not in a state of janabat but the clothes that I am wearing are the ones on which the janabat inpurities is there so whether in this scenario can I recite Quran sharif by heart i.e. (muh zabaani)?


Regretting one's past

Q: How can one stop regretting past choices. I am young and fear the future because of my past bad choices.


Marital problems

Q: My husband is having an affair with,a cheap evil white woman. I caught them twice. He is a doctor and feels he can get away with anything.he feels he can punish, me, because I found out about them.he walks around with arrogance, and pride that he is not answerable to anyone. Question is, I have given this my marriage my all. I am consumed by the injustice of it all, and consumed by revenge. I am praying Allah brings this man down,humiliates him,and, makes him regret,for destroying so much, and doing zinna. He has lost his Emaan,and still so proud. Problem, is, I can't wait for him, to be punished, because Iam hurting so so much.

Working in a haraam food outlet

Q: A Muslim works in pizza hut in india. So if some body ordered chicken pizza, the Muslim worker who works in it, he takes out the chicken frozen, slices or cuts or puts it in shape and then puts on pizza and serves it. But that chicken which comes is not halal. So serving pizza or making pizza which does not consist of halal chicken allowed? Is this permissible for him to do this job.

Investing in prize bonds

Q: My question is about bonds issued by the state bank of Pakistan. I want to know whether investing in bonds is halal or haram. Remember, there is no interest amount charge on it. If your name is in the list of lucky draw you will get a specific amount/money after tax deductions if not then you will get back tbe face value of the bond. So tell me whether investment in such thing is halal or haram?