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Severing relations with one's mother for committing zina

Q: My mother has slept with a man 3 years ago. She is now living with him while I am living with my father. Recently she has performed nikkah with the man saying that she has been divorced, but my father was unaware about this. \

1. Should I tell my father about this?

2. I dont want to contact my mother from now on so am I doing the right thing? By doing this will Allah be angry with me?

Kaffaarah before breaking an oath

Q: When doing kaffarah to break an oath, can you break the oath when you make the intention for kaffarah when you doing it or after it? Whether it be fasting 3 days or feeding or dressing a poor person.


Seeing a tinge of pink discharge after haidh

Q: A women experienced haidh for 6 six days after which she took a ghusl. She thereafter notices a white discharge with a very faint pink tinge. Is this considered part of her haidh?

Seeing yellowish discharge during the days of haidh

Q: If a woman experiences haidh for 7 days and then spots yellowish discharge which after drying becomes white and this is normal in her pure days then is this regarded as haidh if it is within 10 days

Wife going for holiday to her parent's home

Q: I would like to know if its permissible for me and my kids to stay over at my dads home.

When we go over, we are catered to halaal food and we are allowed to practice our religion and they don't force us against our beliefs, alhumdulillah.

When we didnt have any job, I was allowed to stay over at my parents home for 6 months. Now that we are living on our own, my in laws feel that it's not right for me to stay at my parents home.

I need clarification as I feel hurt because how can it be not right to stay for 2 weeks there but it's ok to stay 6 months there when my husband didnt have a job. 

Returning items after use

Q: If someone sent me some eats and I did not return the plate They asked me for it and I told them I will look for it and forgot about it I had every intention of finding and returning it however I kept forgetting about it. I never once said that I will not return it. Do they have a right to enter my house when I am not home and take it?

Custody of children after divorce

Q: What does Allah say in the case of separation of husband and wife. The father wants to keep two children and gives the other two children to the mother even though the mother is willing to keep all the children but the father is forcefully keeping them..

Islamic organizations

Q: I have a few questions regarding the running of Islamic Organisations. Can you please tell me if the following clauses are legitimate in running Islamic Organisations.

(A) “Decision making at Mashwaras shall as far as possible be undertaken on the basis of unanimity of views. If this is not possible, due to difference of opinions, the decision shall lie with the majority view. In the event of equality of votes, the Faisals (decision makers) decision shall be the deliberating factor.

(B) Cessation of office of Shura members: Elected members including the Faisal shall cease to hold position if, beyond reasonable doubt, they are removed from responsibility by a two-third majority of the Shura Committee who shall not be obliged to give reasons thereof after having duly accorded an opportunity to the said member/s to state his/their case.“

Can you please look at these clauses and explain:

1) Are they permissible in Shariah regarding the running of Islamic organisations and Islamic institutions?

2) Can any of these clauses be found in running of different departments of Deen during Khulafa e Rashideen? I.e. Department of Finance, Department of Justice, Department of education, Department of propagation, Department of Defence, Department of Islamic rulings and Fatawa etc

3) Are there any rulings by eminent Fuqaha to support the clauses.

4) Constitutions also indicate that the Shurah Council shall appoint a Faisal (decision maker) from amongst the Shurah members but the Faisal is bound by the clause (A) above when decisions have to be made. Is this correct?

I have been told that Hazrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) used to have a named Shurah council (of senior Sahabah) and if his council were unanimous in their opinion about a certain matter then Hazrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) would not go against them.

5) I often hear brothers of certain organisations stating that having an Ameer is the only way to run an organisation independent of any named members of a consultative body, wouldn’t this be a dictatorship and against the principles set out by our Esteemed Khulafa e Rashideen And our Akabireen?

6) Finally, can you please let me know through Scholarly arguments and evidence based research, Can a Shurah Council run an Organisation without having a specific named Ameer? Deciding on matters by mutual consultation and having alternate decision makers during consultative meetings? is this ok in Shariah? as often many brothers are rejecting this notion. To my limited understanding, brothers are comparing organisations to a Khilafat and hence call for an Ameer. If they were to see the organisation as it is, a Department of Deen then they would not hold their view so strongly. But that’s just my view, I could be wrong. please shed some light on this issue. 


Having a Christian marriage ceremony after Islamic nikaah

Q: If a Muslim man and woman get married according to Islamic law , then afterwards by the urging of the husband and the non Muslim family members, they perform a second marriage ceremony under Christian laws at a church ,where does this leave them according to islam?. Are they still lawfully married ? , and are they still Muslim?

Maghrib ke waqt murde ko parehaan hona aur esaal-e-thawaab?

Q: Kya magrib k waqt murde qabr me preshan rahte hai kya hm log ghar me fatiah padh kr bakhsh sakte hai iska sawb milega k nhi