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Using beard growing oil

Q: My question is regarding beard transplantation. I’m almost 26, I don’t have a beard on my face, just a little under my chin. I have desire to grow a beard and In Sha Allah grow a healthy beard according to the sunnah in the next few years. Is it allowed to go for a beard transplantation or use any beard growing oil on face? Will it be against the creation of Allah?

The knowledge of Allah Ta'ala

Q: I believe in all of Allah’s names and attributes, I accept he is the one and only, none other deserves to be worshipped, if you do worship besides Allah such as a hindu God or do grave worship, you are not a Muslim, rather the contrary, first of all, I believe nothing is like Allah, he is incomparable, but my question is essentially, Allah knows everything we know, so does that mean there is a similarity?, Allah’s knowledge is unlimited and there are no mistakes, but ours is the opposite.

Also, another similar question, the Quran is Allah’s speech, his attribute, so is that incomparable as well, doesn’t that share similarity with other Arabic books, they may use the same words for instance, so a similarity, is it not?

I asked it on a forum last year, these same questions, a brother said, Allah knows what we know, but his knowledge is unlimited and is always right, ours is limited and we can make mistakes, so we share some things but overall, they are dissimilar, incomparable, he also said the same for my second question. Essentially, Allah’s words are incomparable overall, very dissimilar, but they share somethings with other books. He said something along the lines of that. I’m not sure what is right, hence why I’m asking this question. 


Keeping the name Aazar

Q: Is it correct and permissable to keep the name Aazar (آزر)? Was Aazar the father of Nabi Ibrahim عليه السلام?


Live broadcasting of animate objects

Q: I recently came across the following with regards to live broadcasting:

Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) and many other scholars have declared that live broadcastings of images do not fall within the ambit of picture-making (taswir). A picture is something that is permanent and static, whilst the image broadcasted live is not permanent, hence cannot be termed a picture. A live broadcast is in reality a reflection of the actual image, similar to seeing an image in a mirror. Therefore, if an image of a human or animal is broadcasted live, then this does not fall into the unlawful picture-making. It will be permitted to broadcast something live or view a live programme, provided the content of the programme is lawful (halal). (Taqrir Tirmidhi, 2/351)

In view of the above:

1. Is it permissable to watch the haramain live channels not on television e.g. YouTube? 

2. Is it permissable to watch these channels live from television?

ماذا يفعل الرجل إذا كانت زوجته في علاقة محرمة؟

س: على لسان صديق يقول زوجتي تخونني مع اخي واخاف الفضيحة في نفس الوقت ماذا تفعل في هذه الحالة

Mother becoming upset with son for wishing to donate to the Musjid

Q: I wanted to donate money towards a mosque but my mum is upset about that. Should I go forward with it or not? Also, what's the Islamic ruling surrounding this issue?


How to preserve the blessings of Hajj?

Q: Me and my wife have just returned from hajj الحمد لله. We wish to have some guidelines as to how should we lead our lives from now onwards so that we can please Allah Subhan wa Ta'ala.


Covering the Qur'an Shareef with silk


1. Is it permissible to make and use Quraan Shareef covers from silk?

2. If it is permissible for women, is it also permissible for men?

Wearing a topi multiple times in ihraam

Q: If a person in Hajj commits several violations of the same type, for example, if he forgetfully wears a topi on five different occasions, does he need to pay a penalty for each individual violation or will one penalty suffice (due to the principle of "tadaakhul")?

Who will be responsible for paying the transfer charges?

Q: 6 brothers are in partnership in a portfolio of various properties. One of the brothers would like to exit. He would exit by taking his equal share in the form of properties. This would incur capital tax gain payments to the tax authorities and transfer and stamp duty payments. From a Shari point of view, who would be liable for capital tax payments and transfer and stamp duty costs, would it be the buyer (the brother exiting) or the sellers (the 5 brothers who now own the portfolio less the 6th brother)?