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Performing salaah with an empty space in the saff in front

Q: If one prays in congregation, but due to people praying ahead, he cannot join the saffs ahead, is it permissible:

1. To pray behind an empty space between him and the safs ahead where more than two safs can be formed?

2. OR should he pass in front of musalles to go ahead? What about in the Haram Shareef in Makkah Mukarramah and Masjid Nabwi? Are we allowed to pass in front of musalles?

3. If one prayed behind with an empty space ahead, does the salah need to be repeated?

4. If needs to be repeated, if the prayed salah was janazah, what intention to make for the repeated salah, nafl as janazah salah perhaps cannot be repeated?

Selling soccer t-shirts


1. I want to sell T-shirts with different country flags on them for the upcoming Soccer World Cup. Some of these countries are not majority Muslim countries (e.g. Portugal, Spain, France etc). Will it be permissible to sell these t shirts?

2. What is the ruling on advertising products with videos of people using them? Sometimes products need a video demonstration, or a photo to show how to properly use them. What is a permissible way to do this?

Father in-law moving daughter in-laws furniture

Q: My query is that my inlaws rented out my portion of the house in my home country. My father in law also sent my furniture and my things to his daughters (my sis in law) room. He did this all without my consent. As far as I think, this is *Amanat* to use others property without permission. Me and my husband are having constant arguments on this as he can do nothing about this. My relation with my husband is getting affected. Please guide how should I handle this sutuation?

Finding nail polish on one's nail after performing ghusal

Q: If a person made ghusal and thereafter notices a small bit of nail polish on their nails, will they have to repeat the entire ghusal?

Water did not enter earring holes when making ghusal

Q: In a case where one was not aware that the earrings have to be removed for ghusal (so that water reaches that area), what should she now do about her past salaah etc?

Angels descending with flowers at the time of death

Q: Is it true that at the time of death, the angels will come with a bouquet from jannah. Each flower will have a different fragrance?

Mopping baby urine

Q: My maid mopped over my baby urine by mistake and she continued to mop with the same water in other rooms too. Now what should I do? Shall I mop 2 times again?

Touching one's mother while masturbating

Q: When my friend was 14 or 15 year old, he intentionally touched his mother while masturbating but he is in doubt whether the lust was due to masturbation or due to touching his mother. He has repented from his previous lifestyle. Has hurmat musahara occurred or not?

If it has occured according to hanafis couldnt he take fatwa of other scholars on this because if his father divorces his mother their family will get destroyed as he has other siblings also and they will almost become mad.

Getting married to a prostitute

Q: I know a girl and I like her but she is a sex worker and I have done a niyyat that I want to take her out of that so is it allowed in Islam to marry a girl who is a sex worker ?

Issuing talaaq to scare one's wife

Q: I got married 2 years ago to my wife who since then has been living at home. A lot of arguments had started between the family’s which then caused a lot of problems between me and my wife. 

2 years later she had applied for a Khula through the shariah council which they sent me a letter. I attended all the appointments in hope of reconciliation.

After the 3rd letter was sent out, she had issued a talaaq without my consent. 

Since then the qadhi (judge) told me she is in iddah and I could take her back and reconcile. The only problem I have was I don’t remember at all if I had said talaaq once in the past or twice with the intention to scare her and make her come to her senses. I need to know if the intention counts?

Also, during her iddah she had emailed the imaam and cancelled the talaaq that we have reconciled and doesn’t want to go through with the divorce. 

The same day the qadhi had emailed her saying talaaq has now been cancelled and we need to hand in our certificates. 

After a few days another argument arises and she tells me now after the 3 months iddah has ended where I was thinking I am still married that she told the imaam not to cancel it and carry on with the iddah

My question is am I still married to her as she cancelled it and then called the imaam to say don’t cancel it even though he said he has during the iddah me and my wife on many occasions had intercourse I am completely confused as in to f I am still married to her or not and so is she now and don’t k ow what to do

Please if I could have as much as information you can give me