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Reciting Surah Faatihah after Tashahhud


1. Reciting faatihah after tashahhud in second rakaat of a four rakaat salaah. Do I need to do sajda-e-sahw?

2. Reciting tashahhud after faatihah needs sajda-e-sahw?

Muqtadi not completing tashahhud behind the Imaam

Q: Without completing tashahhud behind the imaam in the second and fourth rakaah, is my salaah valid?

Swallowing a particle of food stuck between one's teeth while fasting

Q: Small food particles in mouth if swallowed intentionally or unintentionally invalidate fast?

Being forced to divorce one's second wife

Q: I'm in a very tough situation which involves a​ second wife. A bit more tham two years ago my first wife went to the UK to give birth to our 3rd child. Alhamdulillah my first daughter was born. After that she had to stay in the UK since her family had decided to buy a house and she took a while to come back home to Kenya. I married a second wife which I told her about after four months when she came for a short period in Kenya. It was a though moment but I managed to calm her down until the news spread to our families. She is the daughter of my mum's brother. To cut the story short I am now being forced to divorce my second wife by both our family members and herself. She has also asked for a divorce now and I am being told I will not be allowed to see my children. I have never ever stopped taking care of her and the kids. I am now in another country pursuing further studies in orthopedics. My question is, are my parents right to force me to divorce my second wife? Even though I love both my wives and do not wish to do so. I told them I will not divorce any one of my wives but now they are saying I will be cursed and my life will be nothing but a disaster without parents' blessings. Please advise on the options I have as I believe divorcing without her being at any fault just to save my family's face will be like zulm amd probably lead to a bigger calamity in my family. I love my parents like any other human being but my mother's and father's tears are clouding my judgement for now.

Discharging zakaat every year

Q: Must I pay zakaat on my gold jewellery every year or just once off??

Inhaling steam

Q: My query is in regards to fasting. From what I understand, the inhaling of steam breaks ones fast, unless it is mistakenly. Please correct me if I am wrong. My issue is, is that when one is cooking, it is inevitable that steam is inhaled. I'm not going and sniffing the food, but the steam rises up. In this case, Do I need to cover my face and nose whilst cooking? Doing so is very difficult. Also, when opening the freezer, a whole lot of steam comes out when the door is opened. Again, I'm not going and deliberately inhaling it, but it's fairly inevitable that the steam is inhaled. What do I do in these cases? Also, if I wish to spray on deodorant whilst fasting, is covering my face and turning my head in the opposite direction sufficient so that my fast does not break?​

Working for a company that manufactures electronic equipment

Q: I am an enginneer from Pakistan and I am working in a private company which is the offshore company of another Company in USA, so our office is controlled by USA company. That USA company makes electronic solutions including medical, residential commercial, military and a lot of other solutions. I am currently working on medical solutions but my concern is that the company also provides solutions to military. Should I be concerned about that or not? Is it halaal to work for this company?

Will hurmat-e-musaaharah be established through fantasizing?

Q: If a boy is masturbating and during masturbation he imagines a woman in his mind and he did not touch that woman with lust. So would this man be allowed to marry that woman's daughter?

Fixing the amount of profit based on one's capital investment

Q: Is it permissible to invest in the following company? This is the details from the company. Investment Plans is actually a Program in which Users have to Invest Amount in our Company and can get Profit Monthly till Specific Time Period. It is just like a Bank where you deposit money and get profit. Remember if you invest Money in Our Company in any Plan, then your deposit money is non-refundable after expiry time.

*Basic Plan* In Basic Plan you get Following Profit : Invest Money 30000/PKR Profit 6000/PKR Monthly Time Period 1 Year

In Basic Plan you have to invest 30000/PKR once in our company and you will get 6000/PKR monthly till next 1 Year. Profit will transfer in your Account at 1-Date of Month.

Calling out the azaan for salaah in a Jamaat khaana

Q: Is it compulsory to call out the azaan for every salaah in a Jamaat khana where salaah is read 5 times a day?