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Aqeeqah done by grandfather without the father's permission

Q: Will an aqeeqah performed by a child's grandfather without prior knowledge of the father but only being informed later, be valid ?

Bad luck and misfortune in Islam

Q: Some friend of mine told me about three things which has an effect on a persons life.

1. House/land.

2. Wife

3. Horse/vehicle

These three things can affect the owner in his personal development. It may prosper his life or it may downgrade him or no development. Does it really have any effect of such in life in the light of Islam and Deen?


Living with shia relatives

Q: I am working as a govt. lecturer in a reputable univeristy and earning well. My husband belongs to a mixed family (father and two brothers are shia and mother, sisters are sunni). My husband follows sunni and thats why he married a sunni girl. Now one of his shia brothers came permanently from Dubai and he follows his shia acts specially in Muharram like majlis, matam, loud marsiay, etc. I have a two year old boy and I am worried about him. My husband does not pay any attention if I complain about these issues.

In addition, in my absence, my room is mostly used by my in laws who sit in my room and watch TV and sleep there also during my office hours. I complained about it to my husband but again he doesnt care about it. He provides financial support to his family (mother, two sisters, one elder unmarried brother, and one married shia brother, his wife and kids). My husband pays the rent and other utility bills for our home and joint family.

From my university, I have been aloted a house within the university premises and I asked my husband to shift here with me so that it can provide ease to me and most importantly our son can be brought-up away from shiasm. It has been more than six months that I am trying to convince him but nothing seems to work despite the fact that a handsome amount is being deducted from my salary. He does not want to move away from his family, especially his shia brother.

I am tired of convincing him. Kindly guide me in this regard.


Getting disturbed when making ibaadat

Q: I face peculiar problems with my ibadah. One of it whichever room I choose to pray in it people tend to like it and try to stay there. Such as I used to pray in my room without any disturbance but my mother liked my room and wanted to stay there. As it was my mother and though it was difficult to leave my room I left and prayed and stayed in my mother's room. But all her and my sister's things are in there and there is an attached bathroom which my mother and my sister use and a balcony. So they always come and go and if I am in my salah it irritates me a lot. Also I like to spend some time on my own without any disturbance which I cannot get. Now after experiencing so much disturbance there and realized that I can't manage with my temper, I started praying in the drawing room. Alhamdulillah I don't face those problems here and can pray without disturbance. Now my sister is saying that she wants to study here though she has her own room. She says that she feels comfortable to read here and her place is very hot. This makes me angry and everyone is noticing that. Now I am in a conflict in me that I should sacrifice and give other's more importance than me and as she thinks I am pious and my behavior can have great impact on her, on the other hand my salah and also my mood is going to be affected. This has left me with such pain. I always face struggles with regard to praying salah. It is very annoying that I always have to choose between akhlak and ibadah. Please give me some advice about this matter.


How long can one delay fardh ghusal?

Q: If someone is in need of ghusal-e-janabat, how much time can he remain without taking a bath? I read that permission is granted just till before fajar begins. If someone does not take a bath for two days, will it affect his home because I heard that angels do not visit the home if there is a napak person.

Performing the sunnats of fajr when making qadha of fajr

Q: What rakats will I pray as a qadha if my fajar namaz was qadha. Will I offer the sunah as well? If so, is it sinful to not pray the sunnah rakat while offering qadha of fajr. What will be the best time to offer fajr qadha?

Marrying one's aunt's husbands sister

Q: I'd like to ask if it is halal to marry my aunties sister in law meaning (my aunties husbands sister).

Allowing domestic animals to mate with their parents and siblings

Q: Can we allow domestic animals to mate with their parents and siblings?


Replying to "assalaatu khairun minan naum" during fajr azaan

Q: What should one say when replying to "Assalaatu khairun minan naum" in the fajr azaan?

Woman in haidh eating in public during Ramadhaan

Q: Some scholars say that it is permissible for a woman to eat and drink if she gets menses during fasting but some scholars say that if a woman gets her menses while fasting then she should not eat and drink until the fast opens. Please clarify.