Turning in Salaah


1) In salaah, if you move your head in any direction (right, left, up, down, back or forth), does this nullify the salaah?

2) Moving your chest in salaat in a direction away from the qiblah, does this nullify salaah?

3) If your pants has a small hole and your skin is visible through the hole, performing salaah in this state, will your salaah be valid?

4) If the underneath of a shoe touches the top of your feet, do you have to wash that part of your feet before performing salaah?


1. One is commanded to perform Salaah with complete concentration and devotion. Turning one's head towards the right and left is against the adab of Salaah and causes one's concentration to be affected. Hence this is makrooh.

2. If the chest was turned away from the qiblah, the Salaah will break.

3. Yes

4. If there was no visible traces of impurity on the feet, then he will not need to wash his feet.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.