The ruling pertaining to things which are halaal and haraam

Q: Please advise if the sale of the following is permissible and the income halaal:

1. Recipe books that contain some recipes with haraam items listed as ingredients, like pork or wine.

2. Medical books that contain some haraam treatments/methods. For example, in addition to all permissible things, a book with a chapter on yoga.

3. Books on topics like "Productivity","Leadership Skills", "Having a better life", "How to raise children" etc. written by kuffar and with their ideologies.

4. Sporting equipment like cricket bats, soccer-balls, surfboards, table-tennis tables, dart boards etc.

5. Items with the flag of a non-Muslim country on it. For example, a cell phone cover, a key ring, a sandal etc.

6. Purely futile and useless items, like decorative vases, expensive ornaments, doilies etc.

7. A person points out that many Deobandi Masaajid have TV's installed for Salaah times and notices. He says that when such high ranking 'Ulama have allowed TV's to be put up in the Masjid, and we do not see any other Ulama objecting to it (and also Ulama continue giving bayaans and having programs at such Masaajid) then it is therefore permissible for one to sell TV's. He adds that if Masjid funds can be used to buy a TV to put up in a Masjid, then why can't he sell TV's as the dual purpose of the TV is now clear with its incorporation in even the Masjid. Is this correct?


Learning yoga is detrimental and dangerous as it has some type of Hindi religious connotation.

It is better to avoid these types of books, as a kaafir does not subject himself to Islamic thought and reasoning. He may be crossing the limits in the process of presenting concepts.

It is not haraam though not desirable.

If it has any type of religious connotation like a cross etc. then it should not be sold.

It is permissible if bought with the right intentions.

Any person's action is not an endorsement. The only person's actions that are an endorsement are the practices of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

And Allah Ta'ala knows best


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)