Dreaming of building a Musjid

Q: I would like an interpretation of the following dream. In the dream I was walking past a small house next to which an extremely small marble and white stone mosque was half built. The height of this mosque was so that my chest was in line with its roof, also the minaret was not constructed as yet. Somehow, with the use of hands and the stone dust particles that were on the roof of the mosque, I managed to make the lower part of the minaret – thinking that I will assist whomsoever who was constructing the mosque and then leave. A white man then came from nearby and his wife was alongside him. His wife was white also and dressed in a hijab. The man greeted me with ‘Hello’, however I, realizing that he is the one building this mosque and also being a Muslim, I responded with ‘As salamualaikium.’ He did not follow the Sunnah way of dressing. For a very short while, we both were working on building this small mosque. Thereafter, he mentioned that he and his wife were Muslims living in Russia; however, a group of people forced them to leave the country due to their Islaam. He said he was building this mosque, as there was no masjid nearby. I told him that there actually was one further down the road and I encouraged him to come and rather read his salaah there. Unexpectedly, a loud gunshot was heard and the man fell to the floor. His wife pointed to a small crowd of people who weren’t wearing any shirts some distance away, saying that these are the same people that caused them to emigrate. His wife then ran away in fear. I lay on the floor next to the man and saw a bad gunshot wound on his chest, near his heart. He was still alive, however he was very close to death and his eyes were making jerking movements. I realised that the Angel of Death was removing his soul from him and I began to recite Surah Yasin, as I remember hearing that this will make death easier for him. As I began reciting Surah Yasin he grew in strength and he was not so close to death anymore. It also appeared to me that his gunshot wound had ‘moved’ from near his heart to his arm and I realized that he could possibly be now saved. I lifted him up and placed him over my shoulders and began carrying him to my school which was across the road from his mosque/home. (I attend a non-Muslim school, but my Biology teacher is a Muslim.) Everything was very chaotic as I carried him and left him with my biology teacher in her classroom - knowing that she will treat his wound. I hurriedly ran back out to go looking for his wife, but could not find her. I returned back to the classroom where my teacher said that his wife came and left. My teacher was applying medicine on his wound then. Also, she said that it was a very good idea to read Surah Yasin by him. The dream then ended.

A: Insha Allah, Allah Ta'ala will make you a means of spreading Deen and the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) to the ummah.

Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada