Fasting questions

Q: I have some questions about fasting. Could you please answer them when you have time Insha Allah?

1. During Ramadan, is it enough to make intention to fast for the whole month or it must be done for every day?

2. If it must be done for each day, when must be the intention done? Please don’t use difficult words that I won’t understand, could you please say from magrib till fajr, etc, as I find it difficult to understand the explanation other alims gave on some sites I read. Could you please give time frame for intentions for Ramadan, for kazas of Ramadan, for fasting 3 days of breaking an oath and for nafila fasting every Monday, Thursday and 13, 14, 15 of each month – is the time frame of intentions the same for all these fastings?

3. What if one forgot to make intention during the prescribed time, what must he do, fast anyway and then make kaza, kafara etc?

4. What if one is fasting his Ramadan kazas after the next Ramadan is finished only, what is the time frame for the intentions then, the same as normal Ramadan kazas?

5. What if I fasted one (or more) day and then realized my ghusl (I speak only of ghusl after menstruation, not after wet dream, etc) wasn’t correct, is my fast still valid in shaa Allah?

6. If I miscounted end of my period and made ghusl too early, but started fasting after day 10 of period (as max can be 10 days) is my fast still valid or not in shaa Allah?

7. if it is not allowed to insert cotton balls inside during fast when I have discharges, does it mean I have to be checking with a mirror every time if they are there and find that moment when they stop for a while or the best would be just make salah close to the end of its time even if then discharges are flowing?


1. Everyday is a new roza. You should make niyyat for every fast.

2. At the time of sehri.

3. If he had it in his mind that he is going to fast then the fast is valid.

4. Make niyyat of the qadha that you are keeping.

5. It is valid.

6. Yes.

7. If it is purely for medicinal reasons then it is permissible for you to place some cotton wool etc.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)