Building a structure around a grave

Q: My father had passed away almost a month ago. I am living abroad that is why I was late by two days for janaza due to delayed flights. My family kept him in mortuary. He was a patient of heart and blood cancer. My mom was worried that this is too long for him to be in the mortuary and probably body will start deteriorate by the time I will get there. But when I went back, he was as fresh as he was sleeping. I did the janaza ghusal by myself and my younger brother. Everyone was very astonished that even after two days, he was looking as if he is sleeping keeping in mind the issue of cancer and other diseases he had. We did the janaza and came back.

I and my brother wanted to give his grave a two tier boundary so the land will become solid as it is looking unstable and uneven from the outside. We want to put marbles boundaries or in other words making its structure boundary solid. Once I remember he said for someone else that he do not like a tomb on graves.

I dreamt that we are again taking him home from mortuary with my same friend and van. But this time his body fell apart in pieces, his hand came off and his upper body and lower body came apart. we put him like this on the stature and taking him home. Every one was saying that this is expected and calm down. Then suddenly he was replaced by a really handsome/beautiful man sitting and talking with everyone.

Please suggest us can we make the sides of the grave solid with bricks and marble but not like big tomb but just 10 inches boundary on all sides like a rectangle. As this is a rainy season and land is so soft and not tidy and strong.

A: If it is not your personal property you cannot put up any structure on the grave.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)