Recording one's Salaah due to frequent doubts

Q: If one has frequently doubts in salaah, that he is recording his salaah with his audio-record function of his phone to check afterwards whether he prayed correctly if some doubt arise about something. Now say he is praying Zuhr and in the last rakaat when he sits after the sajdah, he does not not know whether this was from the 1st sajdah or 2nd sajdah i.e. he cannot totally remember that he did another sajdah before it, but continues on this basis (because he can check with the audio-record anyway) and finishes his prayer. Now afterwards when he checks his audio-record it shows that he did 2 sajdahs thus prayed correctly. Is the salaah valid ?


A: You do not need to go to this extent to ensure that your salaah is correct. Rather, look at your dominant thought and you may go by it. However, the salaah is correct.

( وإذا شك ) في صلاته ( من لم يكن ذلك ) أي الشك ( عادة له ) وقيل من لم يشك في صلاة قط بعد بلوغه وعليه أكثر المشايخ بحر عن الخلاصة ( كما صلى استأنف ) بعمل مناف وبالسلام قاعدا أولى لأنه المحلل ( وإن كثر ) شكه ( عمل بغالب ظنه إن كان ) له ظن للحرج ( وإلا أخذ بالأقل ) لتيقنه (الدر المختار 2/ 92-93)

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)