Q: I have done istekhara for Nikah in Ramzan month. I got a dream, where in I am into new place and keeping all my luggage in a cupboard. Me and my new friends saw a historic building with mirrors at night time. We have seen a shadow how we sit in Attaheyat position. One fine day me and my friends have been there to see actually what it is. Some one explaining me that there is be one in this building. And i saw some photos of ladies hanging on walls. Suddenly i have ask to the person who was explaining about the building.May do i know who are in this photos, then he said that they are wifes (5 -6 )of a person ( owner of the building). All are dead. We were wearing a napkin and suddenly that napking got fire. Then i removed the napkin an fire the photo handing on a wall.All photo got fire but one photo was come in to its original position. Which means, i have burn that photo even but i comes into its original position. I have tried only once.Then i come to know that, their is a ghost in this building an i woke up. I saw tgis dream after the fajar. Please help me in this. I have done istekhara for Nikha but i got this dream. Please help me.

A: Refrain from doubtful wealth and doubtful earnings and ensure that you do not get involved in any impermissible business transactions.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada