Impermissible practices in weddings

Q: Just wanted to ask the ruling and some advice regarding an Islamic wedding. My weddings coming up soon and Ive been told that my spouse is not allowed to sit to eat with me on the wedding day. The wedding will be fully segregated but is the groom allowed to come into the womens hall to sit next to the bride to eat? They will be no massive entrance that all the women will look at the groom entering. Also the table will be in the corner of the hall and only immediate family would be sat around. So is this allowed? As Ive been told I am not allowed to see my spouse at all until the end of the wedding but isnt a wedding day meant to be spent with the one you are marrying? The nikah will be done weeks before so Im guessing its ok in Islam to sit next to your spouse on the actual day.

I have learnt that the best nikah or wedding is the one with the least expenses. Alhamdullilah we have spent on a budget but its just these few problems that have appeared. Also Ive been told that cutting a cake with your spouse is against islam too. Is this true? Maybe its not a sunnah but is it forbidden in islam? The cake would be cut towards the end where there is only close family left. So im confused as to why it is not allowed.

I have also been given many negative thoughts about married life. For example if I was to be upset about something my in laws would hate me for it and my marriage wouldn't work out. As long as I know marriage is meant to be a happy step in life. I know some parts would be upsetting like leaving home but why am I getting negative thoughts about marriage. I have already thought the worse about everything and it has got the better of me. Im just confused and feel sad about getting married now. As all these thoughts have filled my head up and i can no longer see any positive in my life or the future. I just need some advice on this matter.


1. This is absolutely shameful and immodest behaviour. Don't even think of this practice.

2. Yes.

3. Don't entertain these types of suspicions and doubts. Be positive and trust in Allah Ta`ala and move on.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)