Three talaaqs

Q: I need to discuss my problem and its solution. I'm married for the last one year. Its the second marriage of my husband but my first. We live in different cities due to training purposes. Last Sundy 2nd of july 2017 we had some fight and while arguing i became furious and starting beating him. I get panic attacks and it happening for the last 2 years when i used strong dose anxiolytics..but it was ok since our marriage until for last 2months when i again started having sme attacks.i beat him so much and said to leave me..v left the dinning table and went to bed room where i cintinued beting him and forcing him to leave me right wasnt my intention and i wasnt even expecting that he would say anything..but finally he uttered the words"ok ok i give u divorce". Which in original words were"thek h theek h me day daita hun talaaq ,day daita hun talaaq ,day daita hun talaaq". It was all of sudden when v realised wht happened.i left the home at the same moment and no cntct since then..v had sexual realtion on that early morning sunday the sMe day when he said those i asked him yesterday wether he was in his senses and what was thinking t that time.he said i was not in anger and when u were forcing i was thinking to use some word that vill satisfy u at that moment and u calm down.but finally i utered these words without thinking anything. Now sir please help me..i dnt want to be seperated i want to live with him.some sayes that divorce at the time of impurity is not valid .and some says that three at once is the single one ..and even some says that ur intention matters at that moment.please help me in this situation really worried

A: Three divorces have taken place.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)