Q: I want to know my dream interpretation, I saw today after fajar a dream: Im in my university hostal that my parents come to take me from there it is the night tym, im worried that what caused them to pick me at this late time, i took my bag nd ready to go but im not being able to find my footwear, i asked my frnd to find for me, she found the chappal and gave it to me, im worried as i m unaware of the circumstances and moved outwards toward the gate.. Then scene changes, im at unknown place, my family is there too its raining a bit, they are waiting for some guest, i had this in mind that some function is gonna start at our home for that the guests are awaited,.weather is rainy too.. Later i realize that its gonna be some ceremony related to my marriage, i thought to myself that they should have told me so that i could have invited my friends.. Then i saw my hostal room mate is also there i wasnt aware of her presence yet and my cousin takes out her dress to get ready. . Meanwhile im thinking that its gonna b heck to get prepared for the function especially doing with my upperlip hair... .. .. .. ... Im 22yr old unmarried University student.., this was a clear dream means I remembered every bit of it.

A: You should ensure that you remain in pious company at all times and lead a pure life. Those who lead a pure life are the one's who are blessed by Allah Ta'ala with true happiness.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada