Q: I had this dream respected mufti that I was outside the masjid I was in a white car I think it was my father's new car . I was with my brother in the car and the car outside looked very very clean and nice both outside and inside. The car started to roll I think my brother did something so I then jumped in the drivers seat and started to press the brakes I managed to stop the car but the front of the car touched the wall in front slightly. Not seriously . Then I started to drive the car in the masjid yard. Suddenly my mother's smallest brother was sitting next to me in the car I den drove off out of the Musjid yard. Then I started to drive very fast as I was driving I realised that it was foolish to drive so fast on the highway so I change from third gear to 2nd gear as I was changing the gears with my left leg I felt my left knee was not working properly. I couldn't put the clutch down properly without effort . But I managed to change gears. The scene change but I was still driving but this time towards my fathers house. As I was turning (small turn) i noticed that under the car on the road that I went over had yellow markings (which are not there in real life). Suddenly I realised that I was no longer in the car but I was on a bicycle .There was like a piece of land in the air it's was high. I was on it. I could see down but I with my bicycle drove fast (like jumping )onto another piece of land higher than the other one I was on. Then there was like a kind of rock by my head and a saw papers that had writings different Ahaadeeth some of it I knew. There was a lot of dust on it. On one page I saw JANNATUL RIDWAN written on it. There was like you know the top of the big fence(no fence in real life) on my right which I could see over it. There was a lot of greenery on that side. Everything was dark green . On other pages I could see scholars names written on it not exactly the namest hat I know but they were addressed as mufti .

A: Don't embark on any matter without making mashwarah with your elders.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)