Secret nikaah

Q: Me and my husband are married for 2 years and I'm still living in my moms house. My husbands family doesn't know we are married. He is really affraid to tell them. He tells me they might throw him out of the house and never talk to him. But I don't feel this way, I feel they might force him to leave me. But also my husband is not that good, he's relationship with my family is really bad. Sometimes I feel it's because we are far away. We can't see each other due to his family. Even if I go see him I have to stay in a hotel without him and he goes home. I feel he is not taking me seriously. My school is not done yet and he told me that once your schooling is completed we will move out. But I guess my school will finish really late. So I dont know why he's saying all that. I just want to live with him happily and have kids. But he never talks about starting a new life. Can you please give me any wazifa to have a better married life and so my husband could take me as soon as possible.

A: One of the reasons of Islam asking us to announce and publicise the marriage is that it is known to all and sundry that these people are in marriage. They are then seen with respect and dignity. But if it isn't done with total publicity then these are the types of problems that you end up with. Nonetheless, you may recite "Yaa Subboohu Yaa Quddoosu Yaa Ghafooru Yaa Wadoodu" seven times and blow into his food and drink and subtly on to him as well. Further, read your namaaz on time and conduct ta`leem with Qur'aan recitation at home.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)