In-laws depriving daughter in law of her share of the inheritance

Q: I am a widow and mom of very small twins boys. My husband died almost 3 years before. My husband was elder son and all his life he worked for his parents and brother and sister. Now my in laws have good life. But after my husbands death they always accused me and hurt me with backbiting. But still I kept relationships with them. Almost 2 years before they started accusing me for the death of my husband and they started saying that I am responsible for my husbands death. But it is not true. My husband died with cancer and his own family has multiple history of cancer.

My husband was treated a very famous hospital but he died after a few months and my in laws are holding all our properties and they even didn't pay for my husbands debt. I am a widow and stay at home mom because my boys are very young. I do all work for them . My in-laws don't help me but they hurt me. I paid all my husbands loan because I know otherwise he can't make it to paradise.

My husband was very good Muslim and person. I love him a lot. He was happy with me and me also happy with him and my husband did every single responsibility for my husband family but now they forgot everything. They hurt me very aggressive way . They didn't give me a single penny for us but my husband all properties they are keeping for themselves and they even don't feel any bad to keeps my husband properties.

I work very hard to raise my boys as a single mom and it is very painful because as a young mother I don't have any support. My parents also died .

My question is .. my in law very aggressive to me and they hurt me very painful way and it is a lots of painful for me to handle this pain . Now I try to stay keep myself away from them to heal my pain..,what Islam say because they holding my orphans property and hurting me very ugly way . I told them to return my properties and after returning our properties if they want to keep relationship with me I am ok with relationship with my boys blood family...what does Islam say .i mcan't handle my pain the way they hurt me and they are not interested to return my properties. I am a woman. So tell me where is my mistakes . I do practice a good Muslim religion.

Please advice me if they don't help me can I keep myself distance because my sisters in law very hurt to me and I am scared about their rudeness and abusing talk .somethimes i talk to my late husband some relatives who are nice to me because i know kins relationship is important .Advice me what should i do.

A: Depriving the heirs of their shares of the inheritance is haraam and forbidden in Islam. Grave warnings have been sounded in the Ahaadith for the one who usurps the rights of the heirs. We advise you to go the the jamiat of the locality you live in and ask them to assist you in your plight. In order to save yourself from mental pain as well as avoid further problems, you should maintain a slight distance. After your five daily salaah turn to Allah Tala and beg him to bless you and your family with his special mercy and divine grace.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)