Problems with one's sister in law

Q: I am mother of 3 little kids and I am working very hard. My hubby is not working because he is addicted to drugs. He can’t even help me. I am staying with my in laws and one of brother in laws is in house. We living in a 5 bedroom house. My 3 sister in laws are married and they are all loaded. They come few times weekly and I don’t mine at all. But one of my sisters in law keeps telling me to move out and she keeps saying that I am not allowed to stay in the house where there is a ghair mahrum (which is my last my brother in law). I told her that I dont have anywhere to go. She keeps saying that I must buy a house on mortgage and move. She also tells this to my in laws and they remain quiet not saying anything to me or her. I told her that if, in Islam, it is not right to stay in the same house with a brother in law then how is it correct to take out a mortgage loan? Isn’t this dealing in interest? Then she didn’t say anything.

Then she came again and said to me that my kids are growing up and they are sharing a room which is not permissible (2 boys who are 13 and 8 and a little daughter who is 6). I told her that I don’t have anything and my hubby is not working either and not saving. I am working to feed the kids and pay their school fees and covering all the expenses. She started a fight but my in laws never say anything to her.

She always abuses me mentally and emotionaly but they dont ever say anything to her. My hubby doesnt even take my side because he is always drugged. She started calling me an animal and this and that. I stayed with my in laws for 14 years and never be a problem with them but my brother in law and sister in law always fight with me and abuse me but they always right and I am wrong. They all on one side and I am alone with my 3 little kids.

I moved out of the house with my kids and hubby never helped me with anything. She is brain washing all of them and I am going through a very hard time to live with 3 kids as a single mum. Is that right the way they are treating me. Now they all happy and I am really sad. Allah Ta'ala knows that we dont have everything and the kids are even missing their grandparents since I was working and they were looking after them. Make duaa for me and kids.

A: Obviously ill treating is not right. That does not mean that you should not be good towards them. Be good towards them and Allah Ta`ala will look at you favourably.

May Allah Ta`ala give you all the good of both the worlds.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)