A person suffering from bipolar disorder issuing three talaaqs

Q: I have a Brother-in law who is Bi-polar (Mental sickness), He had a re-lapse, whereby he became sick again about a week ago. He is married & has one child. However when he had the re-lapse he pronounced 3 talaaqs to his wife, thereafter he was hospitalised for a week & is now back at home. Is his pronunciation of the 3 talaaqs valid?


A: We do not know the details of the sickness nor do we understand the behaviour of such a person. If it is that he is not at all in his correct state of mind and he does not even know the utterances he is making then his statements are not valid, similar to a sleeping person or a mad person. 

( لا يقع طلاق المولى على امرأة عبده ) ... ( والمجنون )

قال الشامي في رد المحتار : قوله ( والمجنون ) قال في التلويح الجنون اختلال القوة المميزة بين الأمور الحسنة والقبيحة المدركة للعواقب بأن لا تظهر آثارها وتتعطل أفعالها إما لنقصان جبل عليه دماغه في أصل الخلقة وإما لخروج مزاج الدماغ عن الاعتدال بسبب خلط أو آفة وإما لاستيلاء الشيطان عليه وإلقاء الخيالات الفاسدة إليه بحيث يفرح ويفزع من غير ما يصلح سببا اه (رد المحتار 3/ 242-243)

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)