Urinary incontinence


1) I have problem of urinary inconsistence. I have to wait for nearly ten minutes after urinating for the drops to stop dripping. Moreover I am quite certain that drops dribble in my clothes while I am sleeping. I do feel the sensation of urine drops coming out in daily routine also, however the number of occasions this has really happened are very few (once every 20-30 times). In such a scenario, if I have a sensation that a urine drop has dribbled, but I am not in the position of verifying it, then is it OK for me to consider my clothes tahir?

2) If I am able to verify that drops have dribbled and made my clothes najis, should I offer prayer because it is not possible to change clothes or undergarments in office or in travel? If I am at home, I immediately change my clothes and purify myself.

3) Because of urinary inconsistence, my mind is subjected to waswasa every now and then. If I am not tahir (paak), then I usually try not to touch anything. There are many things which I do not touch because I think I have made them najis at some point in the past. I do feel restricted in daily life due to this habit. One solution is to purify these objects, but I cannot do this for all the objects like microwave oven in hostel, table tennis table in office etc. What I should do about these objects?


1) In Shariah, a person will qualify as a ma'zoor if the entire namaaz time passes in such a condition that he is unable to perform the wudhu and the salaah without the uzr being found (i.e. without the factor breaking the wudhu e.g. the coming out of urine being found). This is the law in regard to becoming a ma'zoor. However after one has become a ma'zoor, then in order for one to remain a ma'zoor, the condition is that the 'uzr will have to be found at least once in every namaaz time. The Shar'i law regarding a Ma'zoor is that he will have to renew his wudhu for every salaah time.

2) If you are a ma'zoor, then you should not make your salaah qazaa, rather you should perform the salaah in its time. If your clothing is soiled with urine, you should change your clothing or wash the soiled area before performing salaah. Through the urine coming out, your wudhu will not break. However since the urine has soiled your clothes, the salaah will be invalid if performed in this state. If urine comes out during your salaah, you should break the salaah, change your clothes or wash the area which the urine has soiled and thereafter perform your salaah. If urine comes out so often that it is not possible for you to perform the salaah without the clothes becoming soiled, then in this case it is not compulsory upon you to change your clothes. Performing the salaah with the soiled clothes will be permissible.

3) Regard the things you touch to be paak and don't pay attention to these wasaawis. As long as you do not see any traces of impurity, regard the things to be paak. 

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)