Does the following constitute talaaq?

Q: My wife habitually tells me you must be doing something wrong, when I follow instructions and they do not work.  Today I lost my temper and said to her as follows:

  1. Don't insult me ok
  2. You talk to me like I am thick
  3. It gets bloody annoying
  4. You do it all the time, talk to me like I am idiot
  5. I can read, I am not thick.  You talk to me like I am thick
  6.  know how to follow bloody instructions.
  7. I am fed up of you

The intention of divorce was in my mind at the time as I was so angry. Would this constitute divorce? At this moment in time, whilst typing this, I am still so angry that I am thinking I don't care if it constitutes divorce. I want it to constitute divorce. I may have made other statements alluding to divorce but can't recall what they are. They would have been similar to the aforementioned statements. Should I find out from my wife what I said?


A: No. This does not constitute divorce.

باب الكنايات ( كنايته ) عند الفقهاء ( ما لم يوضع له ) أي الطلاق ( واحتمله وغيره ( ف ) الكنايات ( لا تطلق بها ) قضاء ( إلا بنية أو دلالة الحال ) وهي حالة مذاكرة الطلاق أو الغضب فالحالات ثلاث رضا وغضب ومذاكرة والكنايات ثلاث ما يحتمل الرد أو ما يصلح للسب أو لا ولا ( فنحو اخرجي واذهبي وقومي ) تقنعي تخمري استتري انتقلي انطلقي اغربي اعزبي من الغربة أو من العزوبة ( يحتمل ردا ونحو خلية برية حرام بائن ) (الدر المختار 3/ 296- 300)

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)