Covering a small amount of the awrah that was exposed during salaah

Q: I have difficulty concerning covering my awrah during prayer as a female.

1. I have quite a small forehead, and the hairs that cover the sides of my forehead are not the same length as my hair overall, but they’re longer than a person’s usual baby hairs. It causes me to overly look in the mirror and fix my scarf before salah just incase any show, and also causes me to bring my scarf down really close to my eyes. Due to this difficulty, if these certain hairs show during salah, can I overlook this?

2. Another thing I have a lot of difficulty covering are my wrists. Even If I try to use long sleeves, sometimes during sajdah the sleeve of my wrist gets lifted upwards (like towards the ceiling) - if that makes sense - due to me laying my forearms on the ground. Today, I saw my sleeve on my wrist during salah and it looked lifted and I had a slightly strong feeling that the way it looked it was probably showing my awrah but I didn’t attempt to change it because I was confused about what to do. I couldn’t tell if more than a quarter was showing or not from the angle I was sitting. I was also not sure if I should have moved to fix it regardless of if it was less than a quarter.

- If I notice that less than a quarter of awrah is showing during salah, then do I fix it or can I leave it?

- Can you confirm if I properly determined the quarter of my arm during salah because I’m not sure if i’m doing it right. To determine if a quarter of my arm shows, does it mean that my elbow is considered the halfway point? I feel guilty because I felt like if I had a strong feeling that my awrah was showing, I should have hidden it.


1. The abnormal hair on the forehead is not counted as the hair of the head.

2. Fix it with a small movement.

Uptil the elbow is counted as one limb.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)