Income of a person who develops an online selling website

Q: I work as a freelance web designer and programmer. Recently I was required for a job for the first time by a foreign client. The client asked me to create a website for them to do digital eCommerce to sell PSD files. PSD file stands for PhotoShop document. They can be simple graphic designs or images that people use (for example, book printing companies always purchase book cover PSDs)

So until this point: I had a job to make an online store system for a foreign client who wants to sell digital documents on it. I programmed and designed the online store. Once I reached the final steps of my work (just a few days away from getting paid), I found out that this client will use the website I built to sell some weird images... (Please excuse my language if I make any mistakes with my words, please forgive me.) These images are not pornographic, but they are very weird 3D models of people (mainly half-naked girls, like in the "Grand Theft Auto" game) for some kind of game companies. Apparently the game companies buy this person's designs to use on their games. These images are not classed as pornographic, but they have so much weird sexual underflow.

I am now regretting working with this person. I think that my payment money will be haram now. I am too shy to ask this to someone in-person. Please tell me what to do with the money I get. Or if I should accept money in the first place.

This is some extra information that could help:

-I did not know they would be selling these things when I started the job.

-I get paid a one time payment for creating the "online selling platform". I do not "host" this website for the client. My job was just to make a selling system for digital files and it stops there.

-I don't get paid by the hour, I get paid for finishing the whole site

-I have finished making the system, the person just needs to add pictures. I will not do it for them.

A: Your wages and work are permissible.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)