The word "Firqatin" in Surah Tawbah

Q: I would like to know how to read the word "Firqatin" in Surah Tawbah (9:122). Is the Raa read full mouth or empty mouth and is there other ways of reciting it in the other Turuq of Hafs? I've heard the word being recited by many Qurraa' (Shaykh Mahmood Khaleel Al-Husary, Shaykh Muhammad Siddeeq  Al-Minshawi, and Shaykh Mishaary Raashid Al-Afaasy) with full mouth. And recited with empty mouth by other Qurraa' (Shaykh Sa'ad Al Ghaamidi, Shaykh Haani Rifaa'i, Shaykh Shuraim, and Shaykh Ali Jaabir) Why is this? Can you please explain.


A: The word فِرْقَة will be read with tafkheem.

فوائد مكية ص 21

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)