Being forced to divorce one's second wife

Q: I'm in a very tough situation which involves a​ second wife. A bit more tham two years ago my first wife went to the UK to give birth to our 3rd child. Alhamdulillah my first daughter was born. After that she had to stay in the UK since her family had decided to buy a house and she took a while to come back home to Kenya. I married a second wife which I told her about after four months when she came for a short period in Kenya. It was a though moment but I managed to calm her down until the news spread to our families. She is the daughter of my mum's brother. To cut the story short I am now being forced to divorce my second wife by both our family members and herself. She has also asked for a divorce now and I am being told I will not be allowed to see my children. I have never ever stopped taking care of her and the kids. I am now in another country pursuing further studies in orthopedics. My question is, are my parents right to force me to divorce my second wife? Even though I love both my wives and do not wish to do so. I told them I will not divorce any one of my wives but now they are saying I will be cursed and my life will be nothing but a disaster without parents' blessings. Please advise on the options I have as I believe divorcing without her being at any fault just to save my family's face will be like zulm amd probably lead to a bigger calamity in my family. I love my parents like any other human being but my mother's and father's tears are clouding my judgement for now.

A: If you are seeing to their needs and you are not neglecting them in any way then there is no need for you to divorce. Further, to stop you from looking at your own children is an act of zulm. 

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)