Mother wants son to divorce his wife

Q: I am from Pakistan. I got married in 2017, it was arranged marriage. My parents and my wife's mother and brother did all the meetings and we also met eachother to know about eachother. After marriage my wife got pregnant in the first month and then my family and I got to know that my wife has high blood pressure (clinicaly diagnosed IgA nephropathy in 2015) and she takes daily medicine.

The first 3 months was very hard for her that she could not take medicine because that will affect the child and instead, the doctor advised to take different medicines. After 3 months she traveled to Dubai where her parents are living but on the 6th month our child died inside her due to high blood pressure.

After that I got problems in my family:

1. My parents and sisters ask me and my wife why wife's family didn't told them about this disease?

2. My parents told them that I have asthma before marriage and they do fraud with us by not telling about my wife's disease.

3. My sister told me that my wife's disease will pass through our children and they will never get normal life.

I asked my wife and she told me that this disease is very passive or mild and it never bothered her before so that's why she and her family didn't think about telling me or my family. My parents didn't talked to my wife's parents about this.

We consulted many doctors and they told us that we can have children in future but it will be complicated due to changes in medicine, etc.

My mother is now insisting that I do second marriage and divorce my wife. My mother believes that now we cannot have any children and life cannot be lived without children. My mother told me that she got me married so that she can see my children.

Me and my wife recently moved to Norway because I got a job here. I am happy with my wife and we are living happily. I dont want to marry anyone or divorce her. Now my family belives that my wife and her family helped me to get away from my parents.

I am really confused. What should I do and how to do what is right. I want to make everything normal back again. Please guide me in the light of Islam.

A: These are all baseless suspicious and doubts. Don't pay attention to them. Though you will not disrespect your family, but continue living lives of good Muslims. Life and death, sickness and health are all in the hands of Allah. Nobody can guarantee these things to occur or to be avoided.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)