The concept of taqdeer and the purpose of life


1. What is the concept of taqdeer and Allah knowing and deciding our taqdeer?

If dua can change taqdeer, then does Allah not know of the dua or is dua bad? But we are supposed to ask in dua.

I feel like when I make dua that many times it does get accepted and come through, but most of the time it later backfires and the same thing that I was given causes me more pain and suffering.

2. What is life's focus supposed to be and why should we do it? What is my personality supposed to be like as a Muslim?


1. Believing in taqdeer is amongst the fundamental aspects of our aqeedah. Taqdeer is basically believing that all good or bad that takes place, is by the decree and decision of Allah Ta`ala, while at the same time He has given man the ability to reason and make choices and decisions. Hence, as humans we will do all that which is within our means, and thereafter place our trust in Allah Ta`ala understanding that what He has decreed will ultimately take place. Therefore, dua should be made having all hope of Allah Ta`ala accepting it and allowing it to materialise, but at the same time understanding that acceptance does not necessarily mean the materialisation of what we have asked for. Rather, we will be rewarded for the dua and the acceptance will be in the manner that Allah Ta`ala deems most appropriate. Just as we adopt the means and Allah Ta`ala makes things happen then dua is also one of the means that is adopted to get your things worked out. A person starts a business and works rightly trusting in Allah and Allah makes it work. Similar is the state of dua.

2. Life's focus is supposed to be service to the one who has created you. Him creating you and conferring favours on you is the reason for His service.

And Allah Ta'ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)