A Separate Graveyard for Muslims

Q: A Christian official wants to know: "Why do muslims want a seperate graveyard? Why can't they be buried with the rest of the people?

A: Each religion subscribes to its own code of dress and etiquettes. The attire of the Hindus differs from the attire of the Christians and the attire of the Christians differs from the attire of the Muslims. Each religion wants to be respected for what they are as well as the beliefs and traditions they subscribe to. So if the Hindus wish to cremate their deceased that is their prerogative and choice. Why should any objection be then raised against the Muslims for choosing to bury their deceased in a separate graveyard? From time immemorial Muslims have always buried their deceased separately.

لا بأس بأن يقبر المسلم في مقابر المشركين إذا لم يبق من علاماتهم شيء كما في خزانة الفتاوى وإن بقي من عظامهم شيء تنبش وترفع الآثار وتتخذ مسجدا لما روي أن مسجد النبي كان قبل مقبرة للمشركين فنبشت كذا في الواقعات اه. (شامي 2/234)

اختلط موتانا بكفار ولا علامة اعتبر الأكثر فإن استووا غسلوا واختلف في الصلاة عليهم ومحل دفنهم. (2/200-201)


Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)