Q: I do know that during the time of the prophet (s.a.w) there used to be something called jadoo ( black magic). However there is a person in Johannesburg whom I have been consulting with. He claims to have been given a gift and he can check whether something has been done on you or not. He also gives us some ilaaj, like some water to drink and burning of strings for a certain number of days.i would like to know if this is true? And should we continue with the ilaaj? He also gave us an indication of a person whose being committing this act of jadoo, as we should keep our distance. Should we believe him? Or is it just creating doubt within ones mind. Other members did consult him and have done his ilaaj. They seem to feel better with it. I am really confused. Please could you advise me.

A: If no impermissible methods are used in the process, like any type of shirk or other haraam activity then it will be permissible.

Most of these thoughts are just estimations and speculations. It is difficult to establish that this is a fact and true.

فرع في المجتبى التميمة المكروهة ما كان بغير العربية

قال الشامي في رد المحتار : قوله ( التميمة المكروهة ) أقول الذي رأيته في المجتبى التميمة المكروهة ما كان بغير القرآن وقيل هي الخرزة التي تعلقها الجاهلية فلتراجع نسخة أخرى وفي المغرب وبعضهم يتوهم أن المعاذات هي التمائم وليس كذلك إنما التميمة الخرزة ولا بأس بالمعاذات إذا كتب فيها القرآن أو أسماء الله تعالى ويقال رقاه الراقي رقيا ورقية إذا عوذه ونفث في عوذته قالوا وإنما تكره العوذة إذا كانت لغير لسان العرب ولا يدري ما هو ولعله يدخله سحر أو كفر أو غير ذلك وأما ما كان من القرآن أو شيء من الدعوات فلا بأس به (رد المحتار 6/363)

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)