Rulings on Pubic Hair and Hair under Armpits

Q: I would like to know detailed rulings on Pubic Hair and Hair under Armpits.

  1. Is there any time limit like 40 days? Is that Fard, Wajid or Sunnah?
  2. Is it true that one's supplication will get no answer if those hairs are not removed within 40 days?
  3. Can we use Hair Removing Cream or Lotion instead of Scissors, Razor or some other sharp things since they are risky in handling?
  4. Actual boundaries of Pubic/Under Armpit Hair to be removed?
  5. Hair around the Anus?

Disposal of hair and nails

Q: I would like to know the rulings regarding disposal of hair of head, pubic hair and hair under armpits, finger nails. What should we do with them once cut and removed? Should we bury them or can throw away anywhere, like in the garbage?

What can a Muslim do with interest money?

Q: What can a Muslim do with interest money, can he give a Muslim?


Where does the beard starts from?

Q: Could you also inform me where does the beard starts from? I often face this dilemma when cutting my hair (head)?


Sunnah of cutting the hair of head

Q: What is the Sunnah of cutting the hair of the head?


Shaving the hair on the upper thighs and rear

Q: Is it permissible to shave the hair in the upper thighs (close to the private parts) and the hair in the rear (buttock)?

Replying to the Salaam of a non-Muslim

Q: A non muslim made salaam to my friend,when he didn't reply he (non muslim) asked is there a mention in Quran (Majeed) or hadeeth that a muslim can't reply to the slaam of a non muslim. What should be the answer?


Giving Zakat or Performing Hajj from Haram money

Q: Is it okay if a Muslim gives zakat or performs Hajj from Haram money? Is he obliged to do or not?

Giving a shaving machine as a gift

Q: I’m working in gulf, my cousin brother asked me to bring shaving machine from gulf, could you please confirm is it permissible for me to give gift this one to my cousin brother.


Layering the hair

Q: Can women keep their hair 2 lengths? They call it layering. According to what I heard from one Aalim is that Nabi (s.a.w) prohibited from qaz (shaving the sides and keeping the hair big on the top), but to have a small difference is ok. For example to cut 4 on the top and 3 at the bottom. So my 2nd question is that is the fatwa that we generally learn from our ulema regarding males is on a precautionary/taqwa basis?