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Unmarried woman getting thoughts of masturbating

Q: What does Allah Ta'ala tell women to do if they are still not married or are not getting married by His will and yet still get orgasms or thoughts about masturbating? 


Performing salaah with tights or skinny jeans

Q: I have seen many women read salaah with tights or skinny jeans and they put a burqa over. The burqa ends around their knees and the rest of their legs are visible. Is the salaah valid?

Can a person be a Haafiz if he makes mistakes?

Q: If a person memorizes the Quran, but makes a few mistakes while reciting it by memory, can he still become a Hafiz? Just to clarify can a person still pass his hifz test and become a hafiz if he makes mistakes?

Reciting Quraan while other passengers are listening to music when travelling

Q: I travel quite early to work and I travel with other people. I try to recite Quraan after fajr, that means I am travelling to work at that time. In my transport the people listen to music. I want to recite Quraan. Can I read even though there is music playing in the background? May Allah Ta'ala protect us.

Muslim women bathing in the beach or river

Q: Can Muslim women bath in a river or sea in public?

Seeing brown discharge after the days of haidh

Q: My last haiz (or what I considered my haiz) was June 28 - July 4 and remained a brown colour throughout. It looked like discharge and for 1 or 2 days had red streaks of blood. Then it continued as brown discharge/ blood , im not sure. Today (July 15) I have got the same brown discharge / blood. But I have not had a 15 day gap of purity so I have continued to pray as I think I have istihaza.

1. Am I right in thinking I should be praying now?

2. Should I have prayed during the first time I experienced the brown discharge / blood

3. I have read online that there must be a 15 day or 10 day gap of purity - I would like to know where the evidence for this is.

4. I also heard the ruling for istihazah is to clean with instinja, I do this but still blood remains, so I pray anyways. Is my prayer valid or must I repeat them once I am pure? 

Separating from a Qaadiyani husband

Q: I was married 6 years ago and knew that my husband belongs to Qadiani sect but due to lack of knowledge of their belief, I agreed for this proposal. After marriage they started taking me to their jamaat and majlis on festivals for salah. However, last year I came to know about their belief and decided to separate from him.

I left him and stayed with my parents for 2 months but then my husband claimed that he doesn't believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and he is ahle sunnah. My parents strictly told him not to take me to their jamaat or majlis and he promised neither he will attend their majlis nor he will force me to go. But after coming back to him, he and his mother again forced me to go to their mosque, pray Eid salah with them and meet their relatives which I negelcted, resulting my husband got angry and didn't pray eid salah, he even left home on EID.

I am always forced to meet their people and maintain relationship with them and when I neglect to meet them, he asks me not to meet my people as well, and he stopped meeting my family members. I still have doubt that he lied to me to save our marriage, as when his mother talks about their belief, he listens to her and doesn't utter a single word.

He is neither regular in salah, nor he fasts, nor he follows Sunnah. He even doesn't let me cover my face when I go out with him, if I go to learn Quran or Arabic, he doubts me.

I am in a big dilemma if I took the right decision to come back to him or not. It's been more than 6 months that I am seeing warning messages in dream as I am a part of Kufr and I will be punished. Even after coming back to him, I dreamt that Allah SWT has guided me but I neglected so I will be punished now.

If I ask him for Khula, he cries badly that he loves me more than anything and I am ditching him. I feel guilty at that point of time that I am spoiling his life, he is under stress because of this.

We don't have any relation as well since long, as I feel myself a sinner, a fornicator. I always think what if this marriage is void and I am with him, I might become an adulterer.

Please advice me, what shall I do? If I leave him and he is hurt, will I be a sinner in the eyes of Allah SWT for ditching him? I do Istikhara and I get a negative feeling of being with these people, even in Quran, related verses keep coming infront of me, even if I read something online such topics, vidoes come infront of me as Allah is continuously guiding me and I am neglecting it.

Severing relations with one's mother for committing zina

Q: My mother has slept with a man 3 years ago. She is now living with him while I am living with my father. Recently she has performed nikkah with the man saying that she has been divorced, but my father was unaware about this. \

1. Should I tell my father about this?

2. I dont want to contact my mother from now on so am I doing the right thing? By doing this will Allah be angry with me?

Kaffaarah before breaking an oath

Q: When doing kaffarah to break an oath, can you break the oath when you make the intention for kaffarah when you doing it or after it? Whether it be fasting 3 days or feeding or dressing a poor person.


Seeing a tinge of pink discharge after haidh

Q: A women experienced haidh for 6 six days after which she took a ghusl. She thereafter notices a white discharge with a very faint pink tinge. Is this considered part of her haidh?