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Hadith on most people in Jahannum will be women

Q: I heard somewhere, the prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, most of the people in hell will be women and scholars (Ulamaa) of my Ummah. Is there any kind of hadith like this? Please, give some brief answer and reference too. 


Divorcing one's wife to break a black magic spell

Q: We are a married couple of 28 years Alhamdullillah. We found ourself in a situation where someone did black magic to enter our bed and so far hurting my husband till I submit to him. It came to our attention that the spell can be broken through talaq. We hav no intention of talaq but for safety reasons. Once the spell is broken, will we be able to resume our marriage under this circumstance? 

Speaking lies to get citizenship

Q: I have a relative of mine who has come here 7 years go, first as a visitor and than claimed asylum saying to the immigration that her husband has used domestic violence on her and her daughters just to stay in the UK. Her husband had agreed to put that claim in with her at the time. 5 years ago her husband has gone back to his country and had applied for a visa for the UK on a number of times and has been rejected because of the wife's claim of asylum. The daughters don't know who their dad is, one is 9 and the other is 7. Their mother is persistent to get the UK visa regardless how it's affecting her daughters. She is lying to stay in the UK and is getting support money too. Obviously her means of staying in the UK are nothing, just a British passport. What does Islam say about this? 


Wife not listening to the husband

Q: Your advice is being sought for the following:

In case a wife who has been advised not to do 'eyebrow shaping' (epilation des sourcils) numerous times by her husband, but the wife does not obey her husband and still does it often due to peer pressure because her sisters do it often. What course of action may the husband take?

Woman communicating with non-mahram males for work reasons

Q: I am a woman of 25 years. I have studied engineering and now doing a stay at home job in a company that works on network security. Here I have to correspond with non-mahrams to give them my work update over Slack. These chats are fully official and I try my best to keep them short and if possible avoid them sometimes. Moreover my husband has full access to these conversations. He is MashaAllah very serious about the deen and has enough protective jealousy about me. And my conversations are not very frequent. I have to give update to my boss everyday which requires on average 5-7 texts everyday and sometimes need help from other co-workers and all of them are through Slack and no video chatting and they dont even know how I look. Is my job permissible?

Being concerned about the upbringing of one's children

Q: Me and my husband and 3 children live in a town where there are no proper mosques. I have been trying to convince him to move to somewhere my children can regularly go to mosque and learn the Quran. I have been trying for the past 15 yrs but I fail every time, I am very worried for my children as they are surrounded by white friends. My husband plans to take the children back home every 2/3 years where they can pick up the culture from there. What does Islam say about this?

Women wearing turbans

Q: Is it fine for women to wear turbans because I heard that we are not allowed because of the way Sikh men wear it.


Giving a bribe to get a job

Q: I am jobless. My father wants to get me a job in a govt. institution by giving a bribe to someone and getting me in without any eligibily test. Is it halal for me to accept it? I am strongly against it as I think it will be haraam.

Women pledging bay'at to a Shaikh


1. What is the method of women pledging bay'at at the hands of a Shaikh? Should it be done in the way males place their hands in the hands of the Shaikh, or should it be verbal? Can it be over the phone or via email?

2. What is the Shar'ee method of a female mureed communicating with her Shaikh? Should she phone and give her halaat or email the Shaikh directly without the medium of her husband or father, mahram, etc.?

3. Many a times, a woman needs to communicate with the Shaikh and seek guidance in regard to marital issues which she does not want her husband to know about as it may relate to some of his weaknesses. In this case, can she email the Shaikh, informing him of her marital condition and problems without the medium of her husband?

4. Many female mureeds become casual with the Shaikh, thereby leading to lustful feelings and wrong thoughts being created in the hearts. Should there be a degree of purdah observed between the female mureeds and the Shaikh?

5. Often, female mureeds travel by car on their own to attend the majaalis of their Shaikh. Is this correct?

6. Apart from the above, can Hazrat give some naseehat in regard to the above maslah of females bay'at.


Destroying non-Islamic books

Q: I am a non-Muslim who wants to return to Islam. There are many books that I have gotten as gifts when I was younger, bought for me by my parents, or stolen from schools that I attended. I suspect that many of these books may have content that may be forbidden in Islam (American fiction books, picture books of people and animals, and other suspect content), and I want to get rid of them. My family does not want me to get rid of them (they relocated most of them to my aunts house) and I think it would be difficult to get rid of them, how should I get rid of them?