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Performing tayammum due to cold weather

Q: While in the state of janabah, due to cold weather and lack of warm water, can a person offer Salah without ghusl? If not then what is the Shariah ruling?


Using history to prove laws of Deen

Q: I would like to ask you a question regarding Islamic law, connected with my PhD research. My research is about a Jewish man who became a Christian in Venice in 1595. From the years 1574-1593 he worked as the 3rd physician at the court of Sultan Murat iii in Istanbul. In the year 1580/ Islamic year 999 he accompanied the Valide Sultan to Medina and Mecca. Was it at that time possible that a Jewish physician visited Mecca, because he was the physician of the Valide Sultan? Or was it at that time for him already obligatory to revert to Islam in order to visit Mecca?


Forced marriage

Q: I am a 25 year old sunni girl. My father is hafz of Quran. I was pressurized to marry with my cousin brother while my family and my cousin brother family were knowing I wanted to marry with a good Muslim boy who is doctor, dr ahmad, and he was a dawa worker too. I broke my engagement for doctor ahmad. I refused many proposal for nikah. I resist l cried and was taking medicine for sleep n headache for 3 yrs. But my father said Let her cry, she will have to accept my decision at any cost.

Then my parents stop talking with me and changed their behaviour to pressurize on me and my father said to doctor ahmad Because you are not of my location. I wanted to keep my daughter near me. This was his basis of rejection to dr ahmad. Dr.ahmad replied to him. It can't be a basis of rejection as per sharia for proposal to daughter marriage.

As per kufu he was from a good family background ,compatible with me. Knowing all my facts and cousin brother sent proposal to my father for nikah with me. I warned my cousin brother don't marry with me otherwise you may get divorce in future.but he said. Because I love you ayesha and your father also like me So this nikah will be valid. Later after nikah I will treat very well with you will start loving with me.

Because every one was against me and was blaming not to listening my fathers choice. So I had to accept nikah with my cousin brother. After one year of nikah. I text to doctor ahmad.I said there is nothing like wife and husband relationship between me and my husband. Dr ahmad told me. I will still accept you. I said to ahmad my husband don't behave badly with me.but still I couldn't stop loving you. Then my husband told to dr ahmad I admit my fault.she still cry for you ahmad.if you will ask me Now i am ready to give divorce. Then dr.ahmad gave another chance to my husband and make an agreement He said to my husband During 1.5 yr of your married life You couldn't won your wife heart. Ahmad said I am giving 1.5 more year to spend you couple together. If she would still like to marry with ahmad. You will have to give her divorce. But if love would develop as a husband wife between you couple.then DrAhmad wll go away from you people

In this agreement everyone were agreed.

My 2 questions in this regard are these of the followings QUESTIONS:

(1)= In such a marriage where girl is accepting nikah due to pressure and her family members were making her fear of father might get ill or he may die(incase if she would say NO during nikah consent.) Parents,boy with whom girl is going to marry .and all family members of boy were aware as this was a forceful nikah. In such nikah if later girl revolt and want to marry with her previous choice. So she would become sinner?

(2) i fear always of one thing Because ultimately I agreed for nikah consent yes (Even that time if I would get freedom I would definitely choose dr ahmad) So I might become questionable in front of Allah. As I had a chance to say NO But I said yes so it was my fault( at that time if I would say no .I could loose my family ,dad) Now my family accepting their fault up to some now they won't do much pressure on me. So please help me Can I go with dr ahmad? My father said Divorce is bad its my advice don't do it. But Dr ahmad replied Divorce is really bad but not this kind of nikah. He further added Nikah is worst thing among all permissible acts. But forcing n pressurizing for such nikah on adult girl is even not a permissible act. As you were under pressure of loosing your dad Your husband was also aware of all facts but he snatched your rights ayesha. So as per hadith doing such nikah is As it was not happened. You are free to continue your nikah Or You may come to me. You won't be sinner in sha Allah.

Wearing hijaab when leaving the home

Q: I have started wearing hijab from Baqara Eid of this year. I never thought it would be such a beautiful spiritual experience. I had to do some struggle to start wearing it. Allah's help came in very unexpected way. And he solved all my problems. One thing I can share - Before buying hijab I had one style of hijab in mind. Because of limited cash I got whatever I get with that money. Cloth of my first hijab wasn't good so I returned that to shopkeeper. He brought another hijab for me. And it EXACTLY of same style I had in my mind. When shopkeepers gave me 2nd hijab I didn't realised that it was according to my preference. But when I went to tailor to shorten it's length. He said 2nd hijab is different from 1st hijab so I am charging you more money. Then I realised that I got hijab according to my liking. This made me realise sometimes we forget what we want but Allah don't forgets about our wants. That's was really very amazing. And because of this I become more serious about hijab. My parents don't know about it. And I can't tell them now. So I wear and remove it outside. I wear hijab in a commercial building (in washroom) near my house. It is commercial building so no one particularly notice me because many people come and go. It also crowded (I live in India-Population). So it is also safe for me. On the way to home and till I reach the commercial building I am not in hijab. So is there something wrong about it? I try to not look attractive when I am not in hijab. Like I don't wear earnings, tie my hair up in bun.. I try do my best. Tell me if this wrong. Someone said I am making fun of Islam. And I cant be without hijab once I start wearing it. And please guide me how I can improve. 

Calculating the days of haidh

Q: Can you please tell me the duration of my period . I have heavy bleeding for 4 days.Then next 2 days i have light bleeding. On the 7th and 8th day, i notice blood when i wipe tissue paper, but it may happen that on these two days, bleeding comes interrupted. For example i have bleeding at 6:00 am, then on 08;00 am, it stops. Then again at 10:00 am bleeding happens. It continúes for 2 days. On 9th day i see no bleeding. So can you please tell me the length of my períod?And what should i do on the last two days when bleeding comes interrupted?

Marital problems

Q: I had an overreacted argument with husband via text of which I called him an idiot. He said he hated me. After a few more words out of anger I said “i want a divorce” anger lasted a few hours. Of which I told his sister that me and her brother will seperate and I want my gold packed up (as I was in my mothers house). I have never been this angry with him in my 2.5 years of marriage, Shaitan took over. Ofcourse I had regretted and asked for his forgiveness many many times. I had some issues with the inlaws and that all built up in that moment of anger and I had flung it on him. I have repented!

Will I not smell the fragrance of Heaven? Now the tables have turned and he has divorced me (1 talaq) after begging him but he refuses. As I had said about my marriage to one of his cousins. He says that i am a liar, and wont believe how i had felt at his house. I dont want to be accountable to Allah swt and i also think that this is a petty divorce.

Washing mazi off one's body and clothing


If I have preseminal fluid on my skin or underwear.

1. Do I have to change my underwear?

2. Do I have to take a shower?

3. Are my pants/shorts impure?

4. If my shirt touches that part, is it impure?

Disposing of bones and fat


1. Is it permissible to throw bones in the bin, after cleaning the meat off?

2. Whilst cleaning the meat, is it permissible to throw the fat away?


Government employee accepting gifts from the public

Q: I'm a government empoloyee and I get a salary per month. In our country there is a common trend of people who come to government offices for their needs to give some extra amount to employees working in various departments even if it is not compulsary to give that amount because they are afraid that work will not be done on time.

1. Can I take that amount if somebody is giving me in a similar fashion because of the trend? I never forced them to give that amount.

2. Can I take an extra amount if my officer gives to me but he received it from other people? (Officer takes amount somewhat forcefully from people)

Cleaning the baby with wet wipes

Q: Please advise with regards to wiping a baby's bottom while the baby is still in diapers. Is it sufficient to use the baby wet wipes, as it removes all visible impurities, or do we need to wash as well?