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Premarital relationship

Q: I wanted to marry a person whom I loved. He met my parents to propose. After enquiring, all my family members were not satisfied but they agreed for it to happen. His family wanted little time and my family argued and it ended up with their ego problems. I still want him.

Asthagfirullah, we made some sins and we regretthat. Within the next day, they found another proposal for me, I begged my parents and cried a lot that I couldn't marry someone else but my father said that he will never forgive me, and his curse will be always with me. I was helpless and I didn't want to make them cry because of me and I thought Allah will never forgive me if I hurt them. Forcefully I agreed and Nikah happened.

I am not happy because the person I loved is going through the worst because of me and my mind is full of our memories. I can't go to my college because there are our memories. I don't know whether I could adjust with the person my parents have chosen. I have told him everything and he has no problem with that. But I am not sure I will be ok with him or not because my mind is still crying for the person I love.

Unknowingly this person I married is a victim. I want to know what should I do? Will Allah forgive me for making him wait for me to be ok because I am denying him the right of a husband because I couldn't change my mind as fast. I am helpless and lost. Can you give me a solution. If I divorce him will Allah forgive me? I have this thought that I am doing wrong to the person I loved?

Leaving the Musjid with the left foot

Q: Is there any hadith with reference which states it is sunnah to enter the Masjid with the right foot and leave the Masjid with the left foot? If there isn't any hadith which states one should leave the Masjid with the left foot, is it permissible and better to leave the Masjid with the right ​foot if one intends to do something good when leaving the Masjid?

Performing tahajjud without performing esha salaah

Q: Is Tahajjud accepted when we did not offer Isha Namaaz?

Contraceptive pills

Q: Is it permissible for women to take contraceptive pills at all?

Fantasizing about other women

Q: I am married to my cousin (mother's side) 6 years ago.This was a pure arranged marriage and neither of us had any likeness apart from the fact that we were cousins before marriage. We both try to make salaah on time and we take care of each other as well.

My question is that what does Islam say if a husband has no physical attraction towards his wife despite so much efforts to feel attracted to her but still no feelings. During intercourse he only gets aroused sexually by imaging other women. Otherwise its not possible for him to get arouse sexually.

Kindly guide me what to do as this is killing me from inside. I don't know how long I can live like this. Besides this we have no arguments and no fights. She takes good care of me and I do the same, but it's only this one thing and it's happening for more than 5 years. What should I do? 

Mumbling talaaq without moving the tongue

Q: What is the ruling of talaq, if someone mumbles "I am giving my wife talaq" in extreme anger and absent minded state with mouth closed and no tongue move so no clear statement of talaq uttered. If another person next to him try to listen, he would only pick up sound smzztzzztzdzhzzzzzz. Please let me know your interpretation of talaq in this scenario.

Wearing a skirt with leggings

Q: For women, is wearing a skirt slightly below the knees allowed with leggings/stocking underneath?

Talking to oneself

Q: Is it permissible to talk with oneself? I often do it and it makes me feel relaxed. Is it permissible?


Using a different name online

Q: As it is not safe to use our real names online, I use the abbreviation of my name. Is this permissible? If not then what else can I use beside my real name so that my identity is not exposed?


Bleeding after a miscarriage

Q: I am confused whether my bleeding is istidah or posnatal. I had an eptopic pregnancy at 11 weeks. My treatment for eptopic pregnancy involved a D and C and an special injection to terminate the eptopic pregnancy. Since the treatment I have been on heavy bleeding for almost 5 weeks and now on my 6th week I am still getting brown discharge. My doctor said the bleeding lasted so long because of the injection and she also said that though this is not a postnatal bleeding, she recommended me to wait for 6 weeks until I start praying. Now that I am at the end of my sixth week, I am still having the brown discharge after the 5 week long heavy bleeding. Should I start praying or not? Please advise.