Interest money

Using interest money to pay for duty costs on imported goods

Q: Is it permissible to use interest money to pay for duty costs imposed on imported goods?

Paying VAT and customs with interest money

Q: A person does a lot of importing goods. The goods and shipping fees are paid directly to the seller. When the item enters South Africa: If the item is less than R500 in value, customs generally do not charge anything. If more, sometimes they charge exorbitant amounts, e.g. on a item I recently purchased worth R3000 they charged R2000. This amount they charge is made up of VAT and customs import duties. They also charge clearance fees which are minimal, under R100. If I pay the clearance fee with halal money and the rest with interest money, is this permissible?

Using interest money to pay tax

Q: As per new Saudi rules, they are charging many levy, taxes, even charges of exit/entry and iqama charges. My father have 7 dependents under him which and we are paying government more than 40,000 riyal from our halal earned money. In this case, is it possible to pay them by depositing our money in fixed deposits and give them interest amount and get rid of it? 

Using interest money to offset bank charges

Q: Can you use interest money to offset bank charges?

Prize bond

Q: If prize bond is haram, can I purchase a car in a money draw money because some people said prize bond is interest?

Using interest money to offset bank charges

Q: A business bank account was opened with Nedbank. Upon opening the bank account an investment(call) account had to be opened in parallel( for international money transfer ). The investment accounts generates interest. Can the interest be used to offset bank charges?

Is modern day interest haraam?

Q: I would like to know if riba falls under the category of western interest? A lot of scholars have said that it does not and it is permissible. I would like to know the reasoning behind this and why it is or is not permissible. I have been reading a lot about this topic and when the word riba is translated it can have a large number of meanings.

Dealing in riba

Q: Is giving haraam money (riba) to someone else haraam? And is it haram to receive the haraam money that someone gave him?

Paying interest

Q: I am a 26 year old man with a job in the I.T field alhumduallah. I am currently living with my family and they are making lots of plans to buy a building with interest. They have already found a building and are planning to move in and live there. I don't want to be apart of interest and i never imagined being in this situation. As the youngest brother(i have 3 older brothers) my opinion doesn't hold much weight in the family. They think i dont know anything. They would like me to help with the payments in order to pay the building off as quickly as possible. Will i be sinfil for helping them make payments and what is your opinion about living in a house in riba? I can take care of myself as i am financially stable. And my teacher also said i can live at his madrasa for free and he recommended me to ask you. The biggest problem i see is that if i move out it may mess my relationship up with the family. 

Using interest money to build an owl box

Q: Can a person use interest money to install an owl box and bat house on his property?