Qurbaani and Damm-e-Tamattu

Q: What is the ruling regarding Qurbaani, when a person is performing Haj and his family is offering Qurbaani in his country of residence? And also what is the reason to offer sacrifice of two animals while one is performing the Haj?

A: Qurbaani is a different obligation and damm-e-tamattu' is an obligation on its own. Two obligations have joined up at the same time.

( ويطوف أي المتمتع ويسعى ... ويحلق أو يقصر ... ويقطع التلبية في أول طوافه ... ثم يحرم للحج ... يوم التروية وقبله أفضل ويحج كالمفرد ... وذبح ) كالقارن ( ولم تنب الأضحية عنه ) (الدر المحتار 2/537-538)


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)