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Banks and ATM's as tenants

Q: Is it permissible to have banks and ATM's as tenants. Is the money from earned/received from these tenants Halaal?

Scalding process at the chicken factories

Q: I wish to inquire about the scalding process at the chicken factories. The slaughtered chickens are immersed whilst still bleeding with the intestines, impurities etc into a hot water tank for softening the feathers etc, this water is filthy and some of the impurities are possibly absorbed into the flesh. approx 500 to 700 birds at any point in time with all the impurities etc could be in this hot water at any point in time, where it remains for approx 5min. how does this process affect the status of the meat? does the meat remain halaal or does it become makrooh or haraam for Muslim consumption?


Art student drawing figures of people

Q: I am an art student, am I allowed to draw figures like batman, judge dredd, Michael Jackson, etc whose eyes are covered by a mask or a hat? Can I draw the mouth, ears, nose, etc as long as I don't draw the eyes?

Is the probition in Islam only about drawing eyes? Am I allowed to draw skulls which have empty eye sockets?


Architecture, construction, design of buildings, etc

Q: The following questions are to do with architecture, construction, design of buildings, etc:

  1. If the client, not a muslim, asks in your plan to draw up a room for prayers. is it permissible?
  2. Is a contract for a haraam business eg a night club, bar etc permissible?
  3. One is aware that the person is going to do haraam in the building. Is it still permissible?

Sending Baaligh Muslim girls to other schools for quizzes etc.

Q: Sending Baaligh Muslim girls to other schools for quizzes, science fairs, debates etc. with the school bus accompanied by female staff members.


Using pictures for educational purposes

Q: Kindly advise us regarding on the following issues when they are done / used for educational purposes:

  1. Using text books or magazines, posters or any such literature which has animated pictures in them.
  2. Using caricature (cartoon) type of pictures when making a syllabus, specifically when we want to use them in preparing our own Arabic language syllabus. 


Using skype

Q: I would like to know whether the usage of skype to talk to my relatives abroad is permissible or not? Will it fall under picture making? Skype is live streaming?


Rings for men

Q: I have a query regarding rings for men; I know that it has to be silver but I was made aware of the following hadith today:

It was narrated from ‘Abd-Allah ibn Buraydah from his father (may Allah be pleased with them both) that a man came to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and he was wearing a ring of gold. He said: “Why do I detect the stench of idols on you?” So he threw it away. Then he came and he was wearing a ring of iron, and he said: “Why do I see you wearing the jewellery of the people of Hell?” So he threw it away. He said: O Messenger of Allah, of what should I wear (a ring)? He said: “Wear (a ring) of silver, but no more than a mithqaal (a measure of weight).” Narrated by Abu Dawood, al-Tirmidhi and al-Nasaa’i.

Does this mean that the ring cannot exceed the weight of a mithqal (approx. 4.25grams) of silver at all or is it just preferable that it be that weight because according to what I heard Nabi (SAW)'s ring weighed that much.


National saving & investments (premnium bonds)

Q: Please can you just examine this way of investment:

Name: National saving & investments (premnium bonds) it does not give interest but prizes. 

All details should be found on this website:

Futhermore I email them to ask waht they do with the money once invested and they replied:

"Since 1st January 1981 the money raised through the sale of National Savings & Investments Premium Bonds and from our other products, has formed part of the Governments financing programme, and is paid into the National Loans Fund. The National Loans Fund is liable for both the repayment of capital and the interest (in the case of NS&I Premium Bonds the total value of prizes) paid each month. The Exchequer is authorised by Parliament to make use of the National Loans Fund, including any outstanding prize money, for such matters as the government may decide. In the past this has included health and education. However, what the money is spent on is a matter only for the government and not for National Savings & Investments. NS&I's aim is to benefit taxpayers by helping to minimize the cost of financing the national debt, a major part of government spending. The savings we make help free up resources for the government. Hoping this information is helpful." 

Radar & speed camera detectors

Q: My question is regarding radar & speed camera detectors. Recently traffic police in Saudi Arabia has introduced a new system for traffic monitoring known as SAHER. In this system they have installed speed cameras at different locations inside the city by which they are monitoring speed of vehicles and generating speed tickets for defaulters. In addition if the defaulter is unable to pay the amount within 1 month his fine is doubled, similarly if he fails to pay the fine it is trippled in the third month (the maximum is number of times the fine is multiplied is just three). The voilator recvs an sms from the traffic police on the next day of the voilation and then he has to arrange the amount with in a month to avoid it being doubled, whereas earlier the rule was that whenever a person applies for IQAMA renewel or exit re-entry he has to clear all govt dues including any voilations on him, and the voilation amount remained the same. Now some people have started to bring radar and speed camera detectors in saudia tgo avoid being caught and getting speed fines, although it is illegal to buy/sell and use in Saudi Arabia but still we have some people selling it in the market. As we know most of us reduce speed or put on our seat belts when we see the check post from faraway or we know that there are cameras or check posts in the area we are moving towards. Radar detectors are also doing the same job they tell us well in advance that there are speed cameras or police radars 500-800 meters ahead, so that we can slow down and drive carefully and avoid being caught by the police and getting heavy fines the question is that radar detectors are doing nothing but just letting us drive more safely they are not blocking police radars, nither are they blocking the lasers. they are just giving us advance safety precautions so that we can slow down our car. put on the seat belt and drive carefully and avoid speed and other voilation tickets. So can we use these devices for our personal use, and can we trade these devices, if we buy from outside the kingdom and sell them in saudi arabia will this earning be jaiz?