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The Rank of Parents

َQ: I was discussing with a friend of mine regarding the rights of parents, I said that there is nobody after Allah and his Rasool (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) that has more rights upon us than our parents. He commented that he heard someone say that either our Teachers of Islamic knowledge or our spiritual sheikh is higher, but NOT our Parents.

Please answer with quotation from reliable books that who has more rights upon us:

  1. Our Teacher,
  2. Spiritual Sheikh
  3. Parents 

Wearing Niqaab

Q: Can a muslim sister at the age of 45 suddenly decide she wants to wear niqab for her remaining years? All her past years she wore hijab exposing her face and wrists. What are the prerequisites and stipulations to be adhered to when in purdah? She comes from a very humble home with no car hence she uses public transport. She has no other option but to do errands like shopping for food by herself. Is that permissible? She is a devout muslim but postponed purdah because of these reasons where she must walk on public roads to take and fetch her child from school. Whenever in public she feels very vulnerable and guilty. She always  considered wearing the purdah but was influenced not to. So Mufti Saheb this sister is so hindered by all that's mentioned. Please help her. Maaf if I have mentioned anything inappropriate.


Doubting One's Limbs Getting Wet in Wudhu and Ghusl

Q: My problem is that when I perform Wudhu and Ghusl, the water does flow over my skin but my skin does not get wet. I think the reason for this is that my skin is too dry. I think my Wudhu/Ghusl will not get accepted if skin does not get wet so I apply soap then my skin does get wet for a very short period. However, that is causing me problems, the soap finishes too quickly, Wudhu and Ghusl take too long and lots of water is wasted. Please tell me if I pour water over skin but skin does not get wet will wudhu/ghusl be accepted?

What Rings can Men Wear?

Q: Please advise if it is only permissable for Muslim men to wear silver rings, and not titanium or other materials?


Making Wudhu With a Bucket

Q: Is it allowed to make wudhu with a bucket, thus in the beginning of wudhu you wash the hands without putting the hands in the water in the bucket, and thereafter you take water by putting the hand in the bucket for washing face, mouth, nose,hands and arms, wiping the head, ear, neck, and washing feet. Thus each time one will put the hand in the bucket used water will mingle with the water in the bucket.

Rubbing The Inside Of The Eyes In Wudhu

Q: When wiping eyes corners, I constantly doubt whether I have done it properly. I am sticking my fingers in my eye cases to ensure that I have wiped the corner and also the corner in the edge of the eyelid. Please advise me how to do, I already have lost lot of pairs of contact lenses because of this.

What is Haidh?

Q: Could you please explain in detail what is Haiz and Istihaadha. According to my knowledge Menstruation period is called  Haiz. According to Hanafi Fiqh how many days we need to consider for Haiz?

Doubting the Contents of Attars (Fragrances)

Q: I purchased here in the UK from a retailer two attars namely dehnal Oudh (mumtaz no.3) and musk-e-amber.  The packaging is from Afzal Fragrances. As I am not an expert, I have no reason to suspect that the attar has been manufactured or contains impermissible ingredients such as alcohol or animal products.  On this basis, and based on any information you may have on the said company, is it permissible to use these and their other attars as I am conscious about reading Salah, Qur'an etc whilst wearing something impermissible?


The Private Organ Touching One's Underwear Without Washing

Q: If one urinates, then he does his best to release all remaining drops by pressing under the scrotum and squeezing the private organ few times, thereafter he wipes the front of the private organ with a dry tissue. Then he wraps a tissue around it. Now the person sleeps and when he gets up he sees the tissue was scrolled away during sleep and the private organ did touch his underwear. Is his underwear considered impure? i.e. if the private organ is wiped off with a dry tissue without washing, and the dry private organ does touch the underwear, is the underwear impure?

Touching a Pigskin Leather Jacket

Q: If one touches with ones hand or clothes for example a pigskin leather jacket, does his hand/clothes become impure? If one is praying and someone joins the saff who is wearing a pigskin leather jacket, and during the Salaah the pigskin leather jacket does touch the person for a duration of one rukun does his Salaah become nullified?