ambiguous words of talaaq

Husband telling wife "jao tum meri taraf se farigh ho"

Q: If a husband and wife are arguing and the husband says he made his biggest mistake marrying this women etc, and as the argument continues he says twice in anger jao tum meri taraf se farigh ho. Is that classes as a divorce?

Husband saying "I am done with you, its over" while discussing divorce

Q: My brothers wife confesed to have feeling for the guy down the road. He issued a talaaq raji with a condition saying if she has any communication then it takes effect. She violated the talaaq.

He issued a second talaaq raji without any condition after which he took her back by hugging her .When it was told to her that she must check the valadity of her nikaah she mentioned that on several occasaion while discussing there marriage my brother told her ,"I am done with you , it over " . Does there nikaah terminate completly .Does she have to remarry someone before they get back together . If they live together are they in sin.

Husband saying "go away" with the intention of divorce

Q: If a husband says to his wife get away from me or says pi** o** and says divorce from inside. Is the divorce valid? Some say that if divorce is not said out loud, it is not valid. 

Saying an ambiguous word of talaaq while arguing

Q: I understand that there has to be a niyyah when one says a phrase of kinaya talaaq. I wondered that if one is arguing, and one gets a feeling like wanting to divorce or a feeling like "come on do it now (leave her) and then says a kinaya statement like "go to your father", all happening in seconds, is that a clear intention that is necessarry? But if the person asks himself a few moments later did you want to definetly divorce her now by that, the answer is no. What do i do now as i dont know whether it was an intention that counted or not? 

Husband typing in a draft message "you go" without the intention of divorce

Q: If Arif writes "You Go" on a sms on his phone with this in mind that he is thinking that he is saying this to his wife Rubab, but on the sms there is no mention of Rubab's name neither her number is displayed in the 'To' Field, its all in the mind. Does the intention count then or is it just nothing. Bearing in mind, Arif suffers from constant wasawas in every aspect of life, marriage, salah, wudhu, ghusl. 

Sirf kinaayah alfaaz se talaaq hoga?

Q: Agr koi aadmi apni wife se Quran pe hath rkh kr khe ke tera mera koi ta'alluk nhi bna talaq diye, to is ka kafara kia ha?

Ambiguous word of talaaq

Q: I'm a Muslim and I have a few questions about my situation with my husband which I hope you can help with.

We been married for 4 years and one time we had an argument and he was so angry that he couldn't control what he was saying and I asked him for a divorce and he said that we are divorced, then he took me back in the same day. Another time, over the phone we had a big fight and he said to me that we will finish but we stayed together and we got advice from the imaam that it is not divorce. This week we had a fight and I gave him a choice for something either that thing or we finish, his reply was so we finish then and told me that its not his choice for that thing as it has nothing to do with him.

So we don't know if this talaq is done or not as I was on my period again. And other thing is that he is saying that he thinks that there is another time he said we finished in between these divorces times but he is not sure and I can't remember that it was any other time. So we are not sure if this is our third talaq or not and if this last one happened, also we don't know if we are still married or not.

We love eachother and we want to stay with eachother, we just want a halal life.

Talaaq-e-Baain ke ba'd sareeh talaaq dena

Q: Mera sawal ye hai k kinaya (unclear) alfaz se talaq-e-bain ho jati hai aur biwi foran nikah se nikal jati hai. Tajdeed-e-nikah se pehle agar biwi ko dusri aur teesri talaq bhe de di jai (sarih ya kinaya) to kia wo talaq bhe valid honge ya zaaayi' ho jain ge

"I am leaving you" se talaaq?

Q: Mera sawal yeh hai k mri shadi ko 3 saal hone ko aye hai or shru k saal ma main or mre shohar bht arguments krty thy wo bht ziada short tempered hain..aik br arguments ma main me unhe kaha k ab hm sath nahi reh skty ap 3 lafz bol k decide kr len..mre or un k mind ma sirf yahi concept th k jb tk mard 3 bar saf saf talaq ka lafz ni bol de talaq ni hti talaq bain or kinaya lafzon ka koi co cept kabh tha he ni or unhe ne mjhe sirf threaten krne k lie unintentionaly kaha k i m.leaving you..jb k un ki niyat bh ni th divore ki or n mri niyat th divorce lene ki...or na he hamare ilm ma ye bt Allah tala to bhol chok ma.hue gunahon ko maaf krne ka kehta h to la ilmi ma kie gaye is gunah ki kia haisiat ha? Aik or argument ma main ne dobara yahi kaha k ap 3 lafz bol den unho ne kuch ni kaha even talaq ka "t" bh ni kaha or mjhe darane k lie kaha k 'main ne bol dia' jb k unho ne na dil ma aisa bola na mun se kaha or na un ki niyat ma tha aisa sovchna or bolna...te sb jo kuch bh hua lailmi ma.hua na he niyaten tha na he donu k ilm ma....plz hamari rehnumai farmaiye...

Will talaaq take place if the husband tells the wife "Jao tumhain chor dia"

Q: Me and my wife often have verbal fights. One day after a verbal fight she asked me to leave her and said, "Mujhay chor kyun nahi daytay" In extreme anger I replied ,"Jao tumhain chor dia" and repeated thrice but I didnt intend divorce nor I know that these words may intend for divorce so we ignored and spent normal married relation. After months of this incident, one day my wife started having doubts that perhaps the words I used are intended for divorce. Now we both are so worried and dont know whether we are divorced or not. Please guide us.