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Taking Pills to Avoid One's Period During Ramadhaan
Taking pills to stop one's period when performing Hajj
Taking pleasure from one's own body through masturbation
Taking pleasure from one's wife while she is asleep
Taking pleasure from one's wife's body body, breast, chest, intimacy, nikaah, private part
Taking possession of the gift
Taking promotional products from companies
Taking selfies
Taking sleeping tablets
Taking small children to the Haram Shareef children, haram
Taking someone to court for refusing to move out of one's property
Taking someone to purchase drugs
Taking something from a child child, gift, sweets
Taking steroids to build muscles
Taking sublingual tablets to quit drugs
Taking Tabarruk from the Awliya and Buzurgs
Taking the consent of one's parents with regards to nikaah
Taking the dowry without the husbands permission
Taking the husbands name after nikaah
Taking the mayyit to the house before burial direction, janaazah, mayyit house, non-Muslim, viewing the face
Taking the money owed to one by one's father from his money father, loan, money
Taking the name of Allah at the time of adultery
Taking the names of Badri Sahaaba in one's dua
Taking the parents consent when going for jihaad
Taking the soap from hotels
Taking things in one's stride
Taking vitamin tablets medication, vitamin tablet
Taking water from a girl who does not wear bangles baseless
Taking weight loss capsules that contain gelatine gelatine, weight loss
Taking work from jinnaat jin, personal work
Takleef, Museebat, Pareshani, Gham, Hyraan, Mushkil ke darmiyaan kya farq
Talaaq situations where talaaq does not take place, suspended talaaq
Talaaq situations where talaaq takes place
Talaaq asking for divorce, jin, situations where talaaq takes place, urdu
Talaaq after khalwat iddat, khalwat, mahr, talaaq
Talaaq after khalwat mahr, talaaq
Talaaq after khula khula, talaaq
Talaaq after talaaq-e-baain ambiguous words of talaaq, talaaq, talaaq-e-baain
Talaaq before consummating the nikaah
Talaaq before consummation consummate, mahr, talaaq
Talaaq biwi ke ghair haaziri me dena talaaq, urdu, witnesses
Talaaq dene ka tareeqa method, talaaq, urdu
Talaaq dene par sign karna sign, talaaq, urdu, written talaaq
Talaaq deta hu kehna hearing the talaaq, situations where talaaq does not take place, urdu
Talaaq during an argument
Talaaq during iddat iddat, situations where talaaq takes place, talaaq