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Using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for bussiness
Using video calling to communicate with deaf people deaf, video calling
Using violence to retrieve money from a debtor
Using virtual reality to learn about hajj and umrah
Using waqf money in the manner the donor specified
Using water after relieving oneself
Using water for istinja dirham, istinja, water
Using water for istinja istinja, water
Using water that was left uncovered for wudhu
Using wet tissue for istinja
Using wife's mahr money to pay off a debt
Using wigs, hair extensions or hair implants
Using words of greatness and majesty when speaking of Allah Ta'ala
Using work facilities for one's personal work
Using wudhu utensils impurity, tahaarat, utensils
Using youtube
Using zakaat for funeral expenses funeral expenses, recipients of zakaat, zakaat
Using zakaat funds for the upkeep of a graveyard graveyard, zakaat
Using zakaat funds to pay for expensive medication medical expenses, medication, zakaat
Using Zakaat Funds to Purchase Hampers and Feed Poor People
Using zakaat money for a Madrasah and for Madrasah students madrasah, ownership, zakaat
Using Zakaat money for a Musjid
Using zakaat money for students fees discharge, madrasah, zakaat
Using zakaat money for the burial expenses of a poor person recipients of zakaat, zakaat
Using zakaat money to dig a well for poor people poor people, well, zakaat
Using zakaat money to grow maize to feed orphan children
Using zakaat money to pay the school fees of poor children
Using Zakaat money to publish and distribute Qur'ans to non-Muslims
Using zakaat money to transport the body of the deceased deceased, zakaat, zakaat money
Using Zakaat to Pay Another Person's School Fees
Using zakaat to purchase a water cooler water cooler, zakaat
Using zam zam water for istinja istinja, zam zam
Usool and Furoo'
Usools of the tablighi jamaat
Ustaad Hitting the Student
Ustaad kown hota he? urdu, ustaaz
Ustaaz creating a WhatsApp group for the mothers of the students groups, hifz, mother, ustaaz, whatsapp, wife
Ustaaz ke paas Hadith ki kitaabo parhna hadith, self study, urdu
Usurping the rights of orphans
Usurping the share of a child's inheritance
Utensils becoming contaminated with alcohol glasses
Utensils Used By Non-Muslims
Uthtne bethne me kisi ayat ka wird karna baghair wudhu
Utilising money which was donated for the construction of a Musjid elswhere
Utterances of irtidad by an insane person aqaaid, insane, mad, murtad
Utterances of kufr
Utterances of kufr by a bipolar person bipolar, mad, talaaq
Uttering a word of kufr without understanding it's meaning
Uttering an ambiguous word which could imply talaaq
Uttering doubtful statements advice, doubtful things, shirk, statements