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Title Tags
Addiction of social networking sites
Adding the condition "goods belong to the seller until paid for" in a sale business, invalid condition, ownership
Adding titles of respect like Sayyiduna in Dua, etc.
Adding water to milk business, milk, sell, water
Addressing one's in-laws as ammi and abu father in-law, mother in-law
Addressing one's parents with titles of respect
Addressing someone with the title of Hazrat hazrat, respect, title
Adds on free websites
Adjusting the amount in an invoice
Adjusting the expiry date on a product adjust, business, expiry date
Adjusting the namaaz postures on account of the microphone
Adjusting the zakaat rate
Adjustment of the Islamic calender
Adopted child
Adopted child adopted child
Adopted children
Adopting a child
Adopting children and inheritance
Adopting orphans adoption
Adopting taqwa and placing one's trust in Allah Ta'ala
Adopting the Mubaarak Sunnah in all facets of one's life dream, following the sunnah, nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)
Adopting the Sunnah in all facets one's life adopting purda, dream, following the sunnah
Adoption adopted child, adoption
Adoption adoption
Adoption adoption, aunt, urdu
Adoption adoption, nikaah
Adorning oneself for one's husband
Adult daughter sleeping in the same room with parents
Adultery and fornication
Adultery with a kaafir
Advance salary service from the bank
Advertising an item that one does not have possession off
Advertising diwali specials advertising, diwali
Advertising for a gym advertising, gym
Advertising on Television as well as selling Televisions
Advertising online
Adverts appearing on free websites advertising, webhosting, websites, wordpress
Advice for a man who has low levels of potency
Advice for hifz students advice, hifz, quraan, students
Advice for husbands
Advice for marital problems
Advice for the Hujjaaj
Advice for those going for Hajj and Umrah
Advice on child's studies advice, university
Advice regarding divorce and abortion abortion, advice, cheating, divorce, marital problems
Advising a relative towards making Du'a for her ownself advise, dua, relatives