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19 hour fast
2 saal ke ba'd engagement toot jaana
20 000 par kitni zakaat hogi? calculating zakaat, urdu
20 Mithqaal's
20 rakaats taraweeh
20 Rakaats Taraweeh
28 years ki hon aur abhi tak shaadi nahi hui
3 talaaqs in anger
3% cash back on all purchases using a credit card
31 years old and still not married
313 people with the Imaan of sahaba
33 years old and not married
3D sculptures 3d sulptures, pictures of animate objects
40 day fog prior to qiyaamah
40 day khatams for marhooms 40 days, janaazah, khatams
40 Rabbanaas rabbana
40 Salaah in Musjid Nabawi
4D scans 4D scans
65 saal ka aadmi 30 saal ki larki se nikaah karna
9 & 18 Carat Gold Plated Jewellery
A certain company promising to help the wife of their deceased employee
A certain Masjid committee invested in the Oasis company on behalf of the Masjid
A child's vomit
A defect coming into the animal after purchase
A dua to be recited in the morning and evening dua, morning and evening duas
A Father Discharges Sadaqatul Fitr on Behalf of His Minor Children (who are wealthy) from his Wealth
A Father Performing Nafl Qurbaani on Behalf of His Minor Children
A few questions regarding purity
A film crew making wants to use a property for a scene in their show
A Funeral Plan from Clicks
A girl claims that I am responsible for her failed marriage
A lady who has a habit of bleeding for 7 days, bleeds for 12 days
A Minor Child Receiving Nisaab Before the Morning of Eid
A misconception regrading the Ulama of Deoband aqaaid, deoband, qur'an
A Mu'min is a person who when he does good he enjoys it and when he does bad he dislikes it
A Muslim who does not read his 5 daily Salaahs and only reads Jummah Salaah
A Muslim wife
A particular car deal
A person sitting for Sunnat i'tikaaf coming out of the Musjid to peform taraweeh
A person suffering from bipolar disorder issuing three talaaqs
A person who did not pelt at all during the days of pelting
A person who has haraam income gave me clothing
A person who has nisaab accepting zakaat nisaab, recipients of zakaat, zakaat
A person who insults Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) insult, nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)
A person who misses Salaah in its time but reads it later does he loose his Imaan?
A person who rejects the Ahaadith aqaaid, hadith
A person who rejects the Hadith aqaaid, nikaah, rejecting the hadith
A person whose original income was acquired through running a betting agency
A person with a urine bag going to the Musjid disabled person, musjid, urine bag
A person with dementia accepting Islam