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Visa ke baare me khwaab
Visa ke baare me khwaab
Visa ke lia wazifa
Visa problem visa, wazifa
Visiting a dargah
Visiting a Saahir for treatment
Visiting kuffaar websites
Visiting na-mahram old women
Visiting one's home country moving to another country, musaafir, safar, salaah
Visiting one's non-Muslim in-laws
Visiting one's parents without the husband's permission husband, permission, rights of parents, visiting
Visiting places where the azaab of Allah Ta`ala had descended azaab, dead sea, petra
Visiting relatives who are not purdah conscious
Visiting the cave of hira and the cave of thaur
Visiting the dead sea dead sea
Visiting the family of the deceased on Eid Day
Visiting the graves of Sahaabah or Ambiyaa
Visiting the graveyard graveyard, once a week
Visiting the graveyard on a Friday friday, graveyard, hadith
Visiting the graveyard while one is drunk drunk, graveyard, visiting
Visiting the holy lands
Visiting the qabrastan (cemetery)
Visiting the qabrastan on a Friday
Vitamin D supplement derived from sheep wool
Vitamin tablets which contain gelatine
Viza ke lia wazifa
Vocal music music
Vodacom Play Everyday promotion gambling, vodacom
Vomit of a breastfeeding child child, impurity, vomit
Vomiting in a dream
Vomiting in a dream dream, vomitting
Vomiting several times in small amounts mouth, vomit
Vomiting while fasting
Voting voting
Voting voting
Voting voting
Vouchers at stores
Vowing to Perform Qurbaani
Wa'dah lena ke rishta haraam he promise, urdu
Wa'dah towrne ka kaffarah
Waada ka torna break, promise, urdu
Waajib duration for jalsah in Salaah
Waajib Qurbaani on behalf of someone else without his Permission
Waajibut Tawaaf after Asr Salaah
Waalid bachcha ku bad dua dena advice, curse, father, urdu
Waalid ghar waale ko pareshaan karte he advice, domestic problems, urdu
Waalid hamesah na khush rehta he advice, displeased, father, urdu